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Don’t Give Up; Press In!

by Rev Cheryl Birch
5-16-08 revised 5-27-12

Open your hearts.
Let your minds be renewed.
I will quench all the darts
You will no longer feel pursued.

Lift up your hands
Dance to the beat
You must take your stand
I’ve placed fire in your feet

Sing with all your heart and mind
Praise with all your might
It’s Me you will find
I’m worth the struggle; FIGHT!

Time doesn’t matter
Just give me your all
Ignore all the clatter
Listen for MY call

And My glory you will see
My presence is so near
My love is free
Let me take you there

I will give you My all
Everything that you need
As in My arms you fall
Take a chance on Me

I will never fail
Try me and see
Let my breath fill your sail.
Be all in Me that you can be.

Don’t Give Up
Don’t Give In
Press In, Says the Lord!

Copyrighted 2008, 2012 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved


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One thought on “Don’t Give Up; Press In!

  1. evelyn Brainerd on said:

    Love this poem; it is a Rhema word to me for right where I am. Bless you!

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