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Our God is…

Our God is Blessor! Through the blood of Christ Jesus we have His total and complete favor. He fully supports His kids publicly and privately. As we enter into His presence and yield to His word He advances us, advises us, argues on our behalf. He is in our corner to bolster, boost, brace up, build up, campaign for, and champion all of our life and Kingdom efforts. He lifts up His countenance upon us, defends, runs interference and encourages us. He gives us a leg up, a lift, goes to bat for us. He goes before and with us. He supports, upholds, vindicates and justifies us. We have purpose in HIM! We are blessed indeed!

Our God is Compassionate! Our God is compassionate. He has tender feelings toward us. He is big-hearted. There is room for every one of His kids! He is benevolent, charitable, kindhearted, merciful, responsive, sympathetic, tenderhearted, understanding, warm and loving. So much so that He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities and the chastisement of our peace rests on Him. Praise His Holy Name!

Our God is Protector! Our God is our protector. He takes care of us and guards us from harm. He assures us. He is our champion. He covers, defends, gives refuge and sanctuary. He is our safe harbor, looks after, preserves, safeguards, and shelters us. We are secure, shielded, and supported as He stands guard. He takes us under His wing and watches over us with great concern and care. Praise His Name!

Our God is Healer! Our God is Healer! He cures disease & brings about recovery of the maladies that literally attack us. He alleviates pain, attends to our needs. He doctors us, fixes and dresses our wounds. He frees us so that we not only improve but get well. He brings harmony as He makes us sound and whole. He mends, ministers, patches us up, & puts us on our feet again. He reanimates that which is dead, rebuilds, regenerates, rehabilitates, rejuvenates, restores and resuscitates! He is the remedy and the soothing salve that we seek and need. He is the healing balm of Gilead!

Our God is MIGHTY! He is absolute, all-powerful, invincible, omnipotent, supreme, unlimited… He is legendary, notable, acclaimed, applauded, celebrated, exalted, excellent, extraordinary, foremost, glorious, grand, great, honored, outstanding, peerless, preeminent, remarkable, and renowned in all the earth!

Our God is GOOD! He sets the standard for moral, virtuous behavior. He is admirable, blameless, charitable, ethical, exemplary, honest, honorable, praiseworthy, pure, right, righteous, sound, uncorrupted, untainted, upright, able, reliable, trustworthy and worthy of our praise and adoration!

Our God is just. He is accurate, precise,authentic, concrete, correct, definite, perfect, detailed, exact, explicit, factual, faithful, genuine, judicious, on the button, on the money, on the nose, smack dab in the center, right, solid, specific, ultra-precise and unerring! We can trust His Word!

Our God is overflowing with patience! He is willing and has an unending capacity to endure and wait upon us without becoming angry or upset as we seek His will and way. He is constant, calm, and long-suffering. He is steady, persevering,and persistently guides us to the center of His heart. He has staying power that simply will not let us go – all because of the shed blood of His Son, Jesus! PTL!

Our God pours out Grace upon us. In that amazing grace is mercy, forgiveness,benevolence, charity, clemency, compassion, favor, generosity, good will, goodness, kindness, love, pardon, reprieve, responsiveness, and tenderness. WOW!

Our God is merciful! He has empathy, pity, and sympathy for our situation. He is understanding and grants favor, grace, benevolence, care, compassion, gentleness, goodness, and kindness, He is full of tenderness; generosity, affection, devotion, and He LOVES US!

Our God is Generous! He is abundant, affluent, ample, aplenty, bounteous, bountiful, lavish, liberal, luxuriant, no end in sight, overflowing, plenteous, rich, wealthy, magnanimous, thoughtful and benevolent! He takes good care of His kids.

Our God is our Breakthrough! Whatever you are going through Jesus has already provided the way for your Victory! He broke through when He went to the cross, shed His blood and rose from the dead! He provides advancement, enhancement, improvement, refinement, expansion, growth, innovation, witty invention, discovery, development and revival! He is our quantum leap and supernatural boost into increase, understanding, revelation, and illumination. With Jesus in your life you are on the upswing, uptrend, upturn and you are growing leaps and bounds! Nothing can hold back His love for you. His plans are to prosper you and to bless you! Hang on to Him, believe His word, stand in faith and lift up those praises and thanksgiving.

Our God is awesomer than awesome! That means He is far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary… He is exceptional, extraordinary, magnificent, outstanding, preeminent, rare, remarkable, singular, towering, uncommon, unusual, standout, and out of sight.

Our God is EVERYTHING! Everything is found in the Presence of our God. Absolutely everything, the entirety all things, every little or complex thing, all the fixins’, lock stock & barrel, the total sum, the whole works, the whole ball of wax, the whole kit & caboodle, the whole enchilada, whole lot, whole shebang! Whatever it is you have been asking for set it down at His feet & go for His presence. The King of the Universe has the answer!

Copyright 2011 Cheryl S Birch All Rights Reserved


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