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Prepare! Rise Up! Declare! Decree!

Prepare Prepare Prepare says the Lord of Hosts. Prepare for My Presence!

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My love.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My joy.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My peace.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My healing.

Then look to heaven and watch and see what I will do amongst you!

The world has come under great pressure to CHANGE, to change and be made wholly MINE. My pressure is steady and releases a desire for freedom from oppression. My Hand of Love is striking the nations and they are desiring freedom that they might choose Me. All the nations of Ishmael shall come to ME! And I will bless Isaac and Ishmael.

But be aware that the enemy of your soul is furious and fighting at every sign of change. He comes to steal souls. Earthquakes of his fury, Floods of his revenge, Winds of his hatred, Explosions of his rage are spewing forth to steal My sheepfold. Pray that lives are spared. You have authority! Pray that his fury be subsided with peace, that his hatred be overtaken with love, that his rage be quenched with joy and his is revenge washed away in healing as YOU, my Bride, my precious ones, take your positions and stand fast on My Word.

Stand up in your authority! Proclaim my Goodnees and the Good News! Rise Up as an anointed one, as an “official” in your land and declare the truth of My Word! And I say DECREE! Use righteous judgement and be a Legislator! DECREE My Word as the law of your land. You have authority to say what is allowed and what is not. By Faith DECREE My Word. It will not return void. It will accomplish its purpose and My plans.

I have given YOU dominion over the earth. Now rise up in the power I have imparted to you by My Spirit and in the Name of My Son, use His Name, declare My blessings! For I have chosen from the foundations of the Earth to prosper and bless you not to destroy you! This is your greatest hour. Now bless as I bless. Speak life as I speak life.

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
Released in part 3-24-11
Released more fully 5-28-12

Copyright 2011, 2012 Cheryl S Birch

All rights reserved


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