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Just Let go & Let Me flow

By Rev Cheryl Birch

It’s time you learned to lean on Me,
If My Glory you want to see.
Doing things according to your own heart
Is opposite thinking of “How great Thou art.”

Just let go of your plans and method.
I have ways that are far more splendid.
Man’s ideas are flimsy; white washed with flaws,
My ways are rock solid ever-lasting walls.

Bow down in prayer and just let go
Just let go and let Me flow
Relinquish to Me all that you are.
Reflecting Me you are a shining star.

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


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2 thoughts on “Just Let go & Let Me flow

  1. poetryandmusings on said:

    I love your poem!! Beautiful poetry and wise words!! thank you!!

  2. evelyn Brainerd on said:

    Thanks, Cheryl, your posts are anointed for the walk I’m in right now. Bless you!

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