Cheryl Birch

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Yes, He’s the ONE

by Rev. Cheryl Birch

The Blood! The Blood that was shed for me.
Total Love that took death for me.
Now He’s Risen! Alive!
At the Father’s Side!

The Blood, the Blood of God’s own Son
Bought the way to Heaven. Yes! He’s the ONE.
“There are many paths,” people say.
But, He is the Truth and Life, the only way.

The Blood, the Blood is a shield for me.
The Blood, the Blood opened my eyes to see.
There’s so much more than this earthly plane.
Eternal Life is in Jesus’ Name.

My faith in Him is a shield for me.
Now my trust in Him protects and prospers me.

Expansion of heart and depth of soul;
Unconditional Love that makes others whole
Flows through me now in unselfish waves
Because of the Blood that always saves.

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved


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