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A Morning in my Backyard

by Rev Cheryl Birch

Umbrella shade, sipping tea, I read a Psalm or two.
Looking up to heaven, His glorious creation seems brand new.
Wind whipping branches, flowers waving, my hair a tussled mess.
Morning sun warming me and clouds putting on their best.

Dragon flies zipping by on multi-missions; destination unknown;
Hummingbird flitting from yellow flower to orange, then home.
Sparkling water reflecting the radiance of the day
Intensity of deep, deep green as the pine trees sway.

What was that? Cat pouncing on a prize that’s a mystery .
O, silly cat it’s just a leaf that danced out of that old tree.
Yet, it’s a treasure—Intriguing– Guarded with her life.
Then on to butterflies and bees. “Mighty hunter” prey is rife.

Back to reading another chapter, then a favorite verse.
Blue Jays calling, jumping ‘round, sometimes sounding terse.
Sparrows singing joyful songs then flying on a sky blue sea.
God’s handiwork continues to put on a show for me.

Delicate pink petals gently drop to the ground.
That camellia is so perfect. Its loveliness abounds.
Who could look upon these awesome wonders in one’s own backyard
And still hold the Creator of it all in total disregard?

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserverd


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2 thoughts on “A Morning in my Backyard

  1. evelyn Brainerd on said:

    Such a beautiful picture of God’s creation–you made it come alive! Makes me want to get up earlier and get out there!

  2. Debra on said:


Excited to hear what you have say!

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