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A Testimony

By Rev Cheryl Birch

Wondering mind finding life a bore
Clueless to what God had in store
Sad all the time filled with frustration
Ready to quit; permanent vacation.

Party hardy, have fun while I could
Then regrets, an even darker mood.
Selfish behavior, full of pride-
Bitter and angry- then shy, want to hide.

Rollercoaster, out of control, heart full of doubt,
Failure, shame, hurt – just want to pout.
Happy carefree – the party was a blast.
Misery next day; why doesn’t happiness last?

Tarot cards, psychics, crystals, guru –
Trying to find answers, maybe the spirits knew.
No answers –Confusion. What’s the truth anyway?
Guess it’s all relative. Maybe I’ll just run away.

Fear, worry; fretting as a lifestyle.
Grumbling, complaining, and strife all the while.
Sit and do nothing, try to stay out of trouble.
Can’t keep my mouth shut, now trouble is double.

Then a Suddenly! The One and Only God smiled on me!
My soul He wanted to save, you see.
He had plans for my life of joy and peace
And to walk in love that would never cease.

Grace! Grace! Sufficient for me
I bowed myself down, on bended knee.
A prayer of repentance and lots of tears.
He washed my life. He redeemed all the years.

Overnight His Spirit simply apprehended me.
Suddenly His blessings were easy to see.
Healing poured into my sinful heart
Through Jesus, God’s Son, I got a new start.

Truth! Light! Set me free of occult.
Jesus is the way! There’s no doubt!
No more confusion, worry or fear.
Love! Joy! Purpose whispered in my ear.

I know who I am! I belong to the Son!

That was many years ago now
He’s enriched my life, O boy and how!
Sure, there’s ups and downs. Life still has trials.
But He’s always with me. He makes life worthwhile!

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


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