Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems

Sage Advice

by Rev. Cheryl Birch

On vacation years ago on a hot hot day in June,
I was looking for something fun to do that afternoon.
At the Tourist Info booth I stumbled upon a gnarly old man
He rocked back and forth in his chair and used his hat as a fan.

I asked him what there was to do in his mountain town.
He looked up at me and slowly knitted his brow.
Then he gave me sage advice that I will forever keep.
He said, “It seems to me the thing to do today is walk on the shady side of the street.”

That I have done many a hot day, not in only summer life
But, also in the midst of problems and sometimes great strife.
While God made the trees and breeze to cool my hot June days
He, Himself, is the shade on my right hand when life goes astray.

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


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