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An Epic Dream

by Rev Cheryl Birch

Stepped out into what I thought was night
But, the vastness of the lapiz space gave me fright.
Looking down, I saw my toes stood on a sparkling star.
No matter where I looked, light twinkled near and far.

A hand, strong and full of life, touched my shoulder.
He steadied me, I heard His voice gently give me orders
“Come, walk the universe with Me,” He said.
As I dreamt, I wondered, “Am I dead?”

He laughed; My thoughts were His and His were mine.
“Not yet, my Love, there’s much to do. You’ve plenty of time!
Look up and see the starry spanse of space–
That’s nothing compared to My Saving Grace.”

Love washed over me and waves and waves of peace
As He grabbed my hand and took me from that place.
Spectacular planets were our stepping stones.
Then He turned and set my face back toward home.

How lovely is the planet Earth; brilliant blue and majestic green.
In awe I studied the cloud’s movement, such beauty I have never seen.
It is the centerpiece of God’s creation, no planet or star can compare.
It is the jewel, the crown, the masterpiece. It reflects the Savior’s prayer.

“There’s something else,” said He. “You must understand.
Heavenly beauty that you have seen is not the only mankind end.
It grieves My Heart in every way
That men and women choose not to listen to what I say.”

And then my eyes could see a sight I wish I could forget.
A place so awful it defies words; I shook and began to sweat.
If His Hand had not held me I would have fainted from the grief.
The vision of it went on and on, I begged Him for relief.

He was silent as jagged razor teeth appeared,
He said not a word as my whole being shook and feared
I teetered, dizzy on the edge of total darkness.
Violent screaming, suffering, abject hopelessness.

A vortex of godless selfishness and and prideful humanity.
Abased, reprobate, unyielding, lack of dignity.
Abandonment, terrified! “My God! My God, I can’t bear this burden!”
“NEVER LET ANYONE GO THERE!” He commanded all of a sudden.

“I thought You left me here.” I grabbed hold of His garment hem.
A stream of abyss bound souls whished past me. He didn’t save them.
Their cries of pain and agony wrenched my innards.
He said,”This is a place with no love; it’s full of unrepentant sinners.”

I wept beyond the capacity of man.
I wept the broken heart and tears of the Lamb.
“It was too late for them. They go there every day.
But, I’ve anointed you to draw people near to me, to show them the way.”

“No person is beyond My Saving Grace and Love,” He whispered in my ear.
“I ask you this: How can they come to Me, if they never hear?
Go share the work I did upon the Cross
I’ve destined you to be my mouth. Go save the lost!”

Startled awake at that statement, I sat staight up in bed.
My ear still felt His breath. His words echoed in my head.
The vision of that hellish pit has never ever left me.
The glory of His heavenly realms revealed has inspired me.

So, if you haven’t already chosen His heavenly abode
Why don’t you join me on this glorious road?
No need to suffer bound in pain for all eternity.
Ask Jesus to be your Saving Lord, from hell He will set you free.

“Come, my Love,” He says…”Walk on spectacular planets with Me!”

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


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2 thoughts on “An Epic Dream

  1. Teddy on said:

    This is astounding. This poem is so intensely deep that it really takes me somewhere. It’s like we enter into a deep dimension of God.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Evelyn Brainerd on said:

    Oh my….violently soul-stirring!

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