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You are a Victorious Champion!

The past few days I have been hearing in my heart: You are a Victorious Champion.

This poem from the Archives seemed relevant to remind me about the ONE who gave me and you this place of victory!

There’s no Waiting
by Rev Cheryl Birch

There’s no waiting for our God to Arise
He’s already risen and sits at the Father’s side.
When He arose from the depths of the grave
The enemy was scattered and mankind was saved.

Think about the Old Word of Covenant in a new way.
It’s no longer a matter of waiting for The Day.
The day of Salvation, Healing and Freedom has already come.
By the Blood of Christ Jesus the work has been done.

The Sun of Righteousness already arose with healing.
His wings are spread over you no matter how you’re feeling.
Declare with your mouth that He has arisen.
In His authority your words open prisons.

Grab hold of the truth that victory is yours!
Out of Heaven the oil and wine pours.
Stop sitting and waiting for His work to be finished.
Step into the JOY that it’s all been accomplished

What you so long for you can have right now!
It’s right there for the taking, if you know how.
Drop to your knees in repentance and prayer.
The enemy flees when you get there!

Victory, sweet Victory, is already won!
It came with the arising of God’s only Son!


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