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My Cat “Texas”

by Rev Cheryl Birch

A few years back I had a cat whose life story is a treasure.
As a kitten she was locked in a semi-truck trailer.
Shipped cross country from Dallas Texas to Minnesota
She survived somehow for three days, all alone in there.

Dirty and skinny, barely alive
The truck driver found her behind boxes piled high.
Her sad condition touched the heart of many at the freight line.
She found mercy and milk in the nick of time.

That night she worked her way into my husband’s heart.
He was Supervisor in charge when she arrived in the cart.
He took her picture and reported her as mis-loaded freight
Then discussion began on what would be her fate.

The phone call came just about midnight.
My tender-hearted husband told her story of fright.
Of course, I agreed to take her in right away
We’d decide if we’d keep her the very next day.

Her name became Texas and she stayed 16 years.
A fuzzy orange tabby whose memory brings tears.
She served so faithful and was used of God
To teach me about unconditional love.

No matter my mood: happy, cranky or sad
That kitty would love on me and always seemed glad.
Whether I brushed her aside or, hurried, forgot her feeding
Her response was always a hearty purr greeting.

Then one day when I was feeling rejected; unloved
She jumped in my lap to cheer me up with a rub.
I told her to go away. “Leave me alone just now!”
But she just wouldn’t stop, she pressed in anyhow.

“Please stop, stupid cat!” I put her on the floor
With love in her eyes, she continued to adore.
I sat with my head propped in my hands, full of tears.
The kitty stood up and tried once more to ease my fears.

“Why can’t you just disappear for awhile?”
I said as I set her aside with no smile.
“Go away PLEASE! I want to be all alone!”
Instead she held her ground and wouldn’t leave the room.

She decided to completely ignore my instruction
and pressed in once more as if under an unction.
This time she curled up and pretended to sleep.
In a just a few seconds she began washing my feet.

My bitter tears turned to a tender weeping
As that cat continued to wash and feign sleeping.
Tears fell of refreshing and healing
My wounded heart was no longer reeling.

I wouldn’t listen to God in my pain, or turn to His Word.
So He sent a furry messenger to make sure I understood.
No matter the depth of our hurt or sin
With the unconditional washing of Jesus’ love we always win.

I repented, prayed to the Father. The sadness left my being
As I sat and adored Him, looking up at the ceiling.
Lest you wonder what happened to my loving cat that day
I picked her up off the floor and said “Let’s play!”

She’s been gone from my life now for many years
But, I have never forgotten how God used her to ease my fears.

copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved


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