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Quitting isn’t an Option!

by Rev Cheryl Birch

So, life is hard, a mess, and nothing is going quite right.
Feeling down. Just want out of this, hide, or throw a fit.
All strength is gone; there’s nothing left with which to fight.
Prayers hit the ceiling. What to do? The only decision is to quit.

Wake-up precious one! In Christ Jesus quitting is not an option.
No matter how hard you try to stop serving Him,
Even if you decide to put in your resignation,
His answer is always: DENIED! Now, go out and win!

“But, Lord…” is not an accepted phrase in Heaven.
A prayer beginning with those words falls flat.
Response:”Can’t help you with no faith and words full of leaven.
Call back after you repent, then for you I’ll go to bat.”

So, don’t quit! Keep doing whatever He’s called you to,
Depending on Him to the fullest extent.
If He changes your orders, He will tell you.
Only then can you pack up and move your tent.

One more thing, don’t bother to pout.
He will simply hold on to your miracle for a time.
Then, when you’ve realized HE is what life is all about
Gracious abundant favor and joy will be thine.

Remember, you are not defeated, you are a victorious champion!
Thinking of yourself any other way is absurd;
You are destined to bless your nation.
In Jesus’ love, being a supernatural overcomer is assured!


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