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Pioneer Spirit, a Dream Adventure

desert_sunby Rev. Cheryl Birch

I was dressed in the apron and bonnet of pioneer day
and into a silver and gold prairie schooner I climbed.
There were hundreds of us dressed the same way.
We got in the wagon, whatever seat we were assigned.

No shoving or pushing. We all knew our position.
Each person gladly helped one another.
Every nationality was there but left behind all tradition.
No work was too heavy. Nothing caused a bother.

My spot was on the buck board seat as one of many drivers.
My bonnet was white and my clothing green gingham.
Our wagons were lined up and their beauty gave me shivers.
At our head was a lone white horse, upon him a handsome man.

The man was dressed in white buckskin and wore a cowboy hat.
He was regal with a jaw set like flint
His hair was blowing in the wind where he sat.
His face glowed like gold. His eye had a glint.

“Westward HO!” He shouted, like that TV show of old
And rode off into a wilderness of desert sand.
As we moved forward, I noticed there was no road.
But, our leader kept going paving a way for our band.

We were headed to a great Mountain in the distance.
As we travelled the scenery look drier and deader.
Suddenly, dark riders attacked. We had little assistance.
Yet, our eyes stayed fixed on the white horse and our Leader.

No matter how many arrows the dark riders shot,
We kept going and going and were not wounded.
Then, in an instant, the Sun got so bright the riders were not.
They disappeared in such magnificent glory, I was astounded.

We pressed on and on making a road where there was none.
Soon we could see, far away, a waterfall and a River.
It poured down from the Mountain that glittered and shone.
Thirsty and dry we headed right for the Life Giver.

The Leader stopped us at the foot of the Mountain.
Each one left the wagons and splashed in the water.
Refreshing! Renewing! Wow! What an exciting Fountain.
We jumped all around. Full hearts! Laughter!

Out of the River came amazing food; heaven’s manna.
It looked like large noodles and totally filled us.
For days we camped there joyously dancing; even grandmas.
The difficult trip became a dream and washed away dust.

All worry, strife and fear had no place there.
Joy, love and peace were the portion of all.
No person felt lonely, rejected, or full of care
As One Body we worked, unity was our call.

Thunderous sounds with angels all around
Came a voice so loud out of heaven
“There more for mankind! I have a New Sound.
Come up higher,” He said, “to the top of the Mountain!”

Some heard the voice but decided to stay.
Others were deaf and laughed at the thought.
Many said, “Why should I leave all this play?”
We Pioneers were ready to climb. The top we sought.

The Handsome Cowboy that had led us to this place
Now put on the boots of a Mountain climber.
His eyes looked upward. Glory was His face.
“Let’s GO!” He said to the young and the old timer.

This part of the journey stalwart faith was required.
Cliffs, crags and narrow paths marked the way.
The Leader helped us all find all that we desired
The very Presence of God was our glorious pay day!

From the Summit all the Pioneers could so clearly see
We had become all that Father God wanted us to be.


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