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Draw Close

The Father of Lights above only gives us good good things.
He loves it when His gifts make His children sing.
There is never any shadow of turning in Him.
He loves us through and through, even when we sin.

“Draw close to Me!” Is His daily call.
He waits on us, patiently, to give Him our all.
Busy-Busy-Busy; distracted by our lives.
Too much to do. Appointments today. Partying for some highs.

The day is gone, “G’night Lord.” Drift away in sleep.
Rush-Rush-Rush; get up next day. Ignore Him on repeat.
Stressed. Frantic! Worried. “My life is such a mess!”
“Why did You let this happen, God? I expected Your best.”

Smile. Gentle touch from heaven. Father’s ear is ours.
“Complain away precious child. We’ll talk when you calm down.”
Exhausted. Sick and tired. Collapsed in defeat.
“Please help me, Father God. I see, it’s You that I need.”

“If you had only come to Me for some daily rest.
I would have given you advice to avoid this awful mess.
My Spirit called to you every day a little louder.
None-the-less, with prayer you couldn’t be bothered.

You thought you could push through and do life on your own.
You forgot the truth that heaven is your primary home.
Daily heaven visits in My arms is what you really need.
My Son, Jesus, has paved the way. His blood I always heed.

In life there are many trials, challenges and tests.
Don’t walk through it all in your own strengths.
Come to Me, your Father, and sit upon My knee.
Lean upon Me, dear one, there My plan you will see.

My plan is to prosper you; help you to acheive your destiny.
I will breathe life into you and expand your capacity.
The way to Me is simple; come repentant and humble.
I’ll give you wonderful gifts of love in exchange for life’s trouble.”


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One thought on “Draw Close

  1. Evelyn Brainerd on said:

    This so speaks to me, sad to say. But thankful that He is still so gently reminding me.

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