Cheryl Birch

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Butterfly Sensation

Flutter! Caught my eye. From pink to purple and back again.
The Lantana called to the newly hatched butterfly.
Brilliant yellow, ebony stripes, each side the same.
Hanging upside down in the sun, then trying for the sky.

Nope. Not yet. First solo flight a quick up then down.
More hanging ’round the purple puffs for a time.
Flit side to side, short hop to a red crown,
Dive bomb the cat, then fly away. Turn on a dime.

Resting on a branch of flowers tossed in the wind.
Flapping wings. Going no where fast – then ZOOM.
Soaring, swirling, flying high to a tree limb
Suddenly swooping toward the blue, back to branch in bloom.

Then up,up, up! One final round-about her birthing home
For a moment hovering before our faces.
Winging strongly overhead she bravely starts to roam,
Glowing golden, darts about, then on to unknown places.

Never ceases to amaze me the beauty of God’s creation.
How sitting quiet in His arms makes butterflies a sensation!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


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