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We Walk by Faith

Here’s a link to my very first adventure in recording the songs that pour out of heaven during my prayer times with the Lord. We Walk by Faith by Rev Cheryl Birch

The video explains that I am not a accomplished or trained singer, but none-the-less the Father shares His songs with me just like He has been sharing His poems. Like the poems posted on this blog to bless, uplift, encourage and inspire the readers, I am assured by Father God that these songs I post will be a blessing and great joy to many.

Here’s a poem of encouragement God gave me that touched my heart and inspired me to post the recordings. I share it to encourage all of you who are receiving songs from the Lord… If He’s trusted you with His song, He also trusts that you will sing it! Remember, it’s not the quality of your voice that counts with Him, it’s the quality of your heart!

To all of you Psalmist out there who can’t carry a tune,
Listen to the Lord and go ahead and croon!
Get past yourself, don’t be full of pride
Lift up your voice to Him in public, don’t hide!

“I’m giving you song” says the Lord, “to share with the world.
What I’ve shared with you must be heard.
Read your poems, sing your songs.
If they glorify Me, you can’t go wrong.”

Your songs are lovely, they resound in heaven.
They are the songs of the redeemed; the songs of the chosen.
Lift up your voice, be confident, be bold!
You’re releasing the sound of the greatest story ever told.

So, say to the Lord right now just like I did: Yes, I will sing for YOU.
Yes Lord, I will do this because I love You and You told me to.

Song and Poem Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch


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