Cheryl Birch

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Pride and Self Reliance

No more self-reliance for me.
It gets me stressed and absolutely nowhere I want to be.
I think the ideas and plans I have are good and blessed.
Forgot to ask God about them first, so I missed His best.

He told me in prayer: “Don’t wear a crown of pride upon your head.
Take on the robe of humility instead.”
For there is glorious beauty bestowed by the Lord
On those who yield to His ways and with their love He is adored.

For Your remnant, Lord, there is strength in this battle.
But, the one drunk on pride You will surely rattle.
Out of Your great Love for us You make sure we are corrected
All the while we are never ever rejected.

You will shake a prideful one only until they let go
And Your Marvelous Ways become their own.
Then we can declare: You are, O Lord, my crown of glory
Your diadem of humble beauty is now my story.

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


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