Cheryl Birch

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But Lord!

A Conversation with Father God…

I’ve called you to go and share the Good News of My Son
See that person over there? Talk to them till I say done.

But Lord, I don’t know what to say to them.
Just trust me, Child. Hang on to My hem.

What if I say the very most wrong thing?
Who is in your heart? Is it not to ME you sing?
Yes Lord, But, that’s different than talking to men.
Just trust Me, Child. Hang on to My hem.

But Lord, what is it I will say?
Simply open your mouth wide. I’ll fill it right away.
But Lord, I’m not a very good speaker
And I haven’t any training to be a good teacher.

Moses and Jeremiah said the same thing to Me.
My answer is still the same. I’ll fill your mouth. You’ll see.

But Lord, I am afraid that I will mess up and fail.
Now, we’re getting some where! Child, let’s break out of that jail.
There is only failure if you refuse to speak or obey me.
Trusting Me to give you what you need will set you free!

But Lord, what if I say something not so elequent?
Will You still bless me with favor as the one you’ve sent?
My love for you is unwavering. I’ll never let you lack.
My great joy is to see My Children not hold back.

Fear of failure and of men is nothing more than pride.
You’re afraid to look bad in their eyes, so you hide.
Where is your reverential fear and love of Me?
Put Me first and all that prideful fear will flee.

OH! Woe is me! Forgive me, Lord. It’s You I want to please.
Give me holy boldness. Let Your Love flow through me.
No more “But Lords.” I will put my trust in You.
I’m ready to open my mouth and speak to many or to few.

Fill my mouth with Your Words despite my trepidation.
I will go forth and tell of your love and salvation.
No more will I hold back speaking of Jesus, Your Son.
I am blessed to tell them all that He is the One.

Bless you, Child! You are forgiven and made new.
And by the way, I Am so proud of you!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


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