Cheryl Birch

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Encouragement from Father God

My covenant with you is strong and enduring, says the Lord of Hosts.
It fails not. It is always supporting. It is for all eternity.
It is the ground upon which you stand and can faithfully boast.
The only place in all creation of total solidity.

My love for you is exquisite, complete and edifying.
It is filled with mercy and grace poured out to you daily.
It fails not. It is always supporting. It is electrifying.
The only thing in all creation that is always trustworthy.

You can count on My promises and My unfailing love.
My arms are wrapped around you every second of the day.
I am guiding you in your life tenderly from above.
Walk confident in Me…and you’ll never go astray.

Copyright 2012 Rev Cheryl Birch


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