Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems

Sweet Exposure

It is sometimes difficult to get free of religion’s hold
And enter into the place with God of intense loving relationship;
Experiencing freedom and joy that is like pure gold.
But, the Spirit knows the way to the blessed fullness of Sonship.

The way is paved with circustance and difficulty
Challenges and tests that must be patiently embraced.
All designed to expose selfish pride and carnality
So that repentance results and sin is erased.

This path is often painful as it exposes our heart.
What is found inside of us can be disconcerting.
Yet, the way to fullness of Glory is that very dart
Designed to excise all that is God-opposing.

No one relishes times of walking in great suffering.
Every anointed child of God will travel that precious road.
For it is a contrite heart that is an acceptable offering
To the Most High God who knows how our life will unfold.

Be encourage if your life has taken a difficult turn.
This thorn will be used to cleanse your very soul.
Pick up your cross and follow after Jesus; from Him learn
Knowing that you are fulfilling your highest role.

You are to be completely emptied of yourself
Then filled again with Him alone in overflow.
The only way to know what’s hidden on heart’s shelf
Is to walk the path of the Blood’s brilliant glow.

Sweet exposure in the midst of great trial
Exposure of our contrary nature
Paves the way to live in relams that are higher
And to be His loving hands that tranform our culture.

Only through our personal conformation to His image
Can our cities and regions be transformed.
As we are changed to be like His visage
All that is around us with Him will be adorned.

Jesus, Jesus let us be molded and made new.
Jesus, Jesus let there be less of us and more of You!


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