Cheryl Birch

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I Yield…a prayer

No matter how much loss I fear, I yield.
I yield to Your greater plan for me, my Lord.
It is sometimes hard to remember you are my Shield.
But, You are! And, You lift every heavy load.

No matter what others think of me, I yield.
I yield to your perfect ways, my Lord.
Even if friends and family say I’m far afield
Your voice I will follow. You are my Shepherd.

I yield because You loved me first.
I yield because You are my all and all.
I yield because after You alone I thirst.
I yield because you will never let me fall.

In obedience and great sacrifice Your treasures are found.
Humbly yielding is pavement for your Holy Highway.
It is only in my submission will Your glory abound
And I can walk in the fullness of Your Presence every day.

a prayer poem by Rev Cheryl S Birch
Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch – all rights reserved


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