Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems

The Reason

For whom do you sing? Is it Him?
For whom do you teach? Is it Him?
For whom do you minister? Is it Him?
For whom do you preach? Is it Him?

Where have you fixed your eyes? Is it Him?
Upon whom or what is your heart set? Is it Him?
Do you reflect on that which is “pie in the sky?” Or, Him?
Are you focused only on what you can get? Or, Him?

Are you there so you can perform?
Are you lonely; looking for friends or a soul-mate?
Is your goal a place to get compliments?
Or, maybe you’re just looking for a date?

There’s really only one reason to go to church:
That is to worship and honor our God and King
No matter the needs, wants, or desires you have, first seek God.
His presence will take care of everything.


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