Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems


My Garden

Sunshine, the warmth on my cheek.
Wonderful feeling of sun’s rays from head to toe.
Sitting in my garden eyes closed, can’t speak,
Tucked in the protection of a lovely alcove.

It’s a chilly day; wind rustling the leaves.
Winter is nigh, but not yet fully seen.
Fall blooms hang on for delighted bees.
In trees resounding birdsong teems.

Golden light, though horizon low, keeps me warm and steady
Sunset sneaking up too quickly this time of year.
Then comes a sparrow to entertain me and my kitty.
Hopping about with no sign at all of fear.

Kitty leaps! Oh! Fly away sparrow toward the sky aglow!
Squinting to see him soar away to safety
Then back to enjoying the sun, now very low.
Loving every beam warming me while drinking tea.

Thank you, Father God, for this precious light
To remind us of the warmth of Your love.
How You scatter each day all the darkness of night
And pour out your grace and mercy from above.

Now, the sun sets; brilliant colors of red and gold I see
As my God paints a masterpiece that I feel is just for me!


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