Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems

Garden Symphony


Distant laughter.
Cat’s plaintiff cry
Bird song. Bee’s buzz.
Rustling of trees near by.

Faint sounds of traffic.
A truck? A bus?
Something in the wind slapping.
Crow making a fuss.

Quiet for a moment.
Sudden loud roar.
Helicopter overhead.
Rush of wind slams a door.

Upset dog barking.
Whoosh, dive bombing fly.
Flowers moving softly.
Geese honking in the sky.

Hum of machinery.
Child happily singing.
Dried leaf skidding on concrete.
Old branches creaking.

The joys of my garden.
The sounds of life.
A shelter of peace,
Retreat from strife.

Thank you, My God, for this joyous symphony.
I feel like You made it just for me!

copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved


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