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A Note from Heaven about Christmas

This poem from 2012 kept coming to my mind this week…

Cheryl Birch


It’s not the caroling
It’s the peace heralding

It’s not the presents
It’s My Presence

It’s not the stockings
It’s My Good Tidings

It’s not the parties
It’s the heart ties

It’s not the church steeple
It’s the unity of My people

It’s not the festivity
It’s the celebration of the Nativity

It’s not Santa and reindeer fun
It’s joy and salvation in My Son

It’s not the awe of lights on a tree
It’s lifting up your voice and worshipping Me!

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3 thoughts on “A Note from Heaven about Christmas

  1. Thanks forr this blog post

  2. who is the artist of the smiling Jesus with child in his arms? thanks, Helen

    • Helen, thank you for your inquiry. The original link to the image that stated the artist (original source) is broken and I cannot find it anywhere on the internet so far. I can only assume the website is gone or changed. It never occurred to me that this would happen. From now on I will make a notation and not rely solely on web links. Should I find it, I will let you know. Many Blessings.

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