Cheryl Birch

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Reaching Out


He’s the Son
Radiant One
His Light in me
Love like the sea

Expanding my heart
Tearing fear apart
Setting me free
To love like He

Trusting His lead
From my knees
Learning humility
That pride is futility

Embracing peace
Praying divisions cease
Reaching out
Despite all doubt

I may be scorned
Or, even ignored
But, unity must be;
It’s THE key!

Do you really love Him?
Know prejudice is sin!
God created many colors
All my sisters and brothers

Start with a smile
Talk for awhile
Give honor and blessing
Not just window dressing

Make a friend
Be plyable; Bend
Freely give
That’s how to live

King Jesus will help
As you let go of self
His Spirit gives joy
Strength fills all void

See His Radiance,
Instead of variance,
Cover the earth–
The Church in rebirth

Millions are waiting
The elect are fainting
It’s time to arise
As the unified Bride

Love one another
My sister and brother
The world will see
And Him they’ll receive!

copyrighted 2015 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved


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