Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems

He Smiled


Brilliant path glowing white
Lined with purple flowers
Stunning contrast with the night
The stars were like showers

Is this a dream? I thought
What place am I?
A hand appeared and waved about
Bidding me come nigh

My eyes were overwhelmed
I couldn’t see clearly
Until I took a step ahead
Exploring fearlessly

I stepped upon that walkway
The hand grabbed mine
A veil cross my eyes fell away
My heart dripped with new wine

My First Love held my hand
He stood there in glory
Joy drenched holy stand
Peace in entirety

He smiled; So did I
Arm in arm we walked
The path became endless sky
We talked and talked and talked

Aware now of earthy things
My toes in the grass
In the tree a bird sings
Bees buzz and dash

Looking up at the sunny sky
My heart aches for the day
When it’s just my Jesus and I
In His arms always.

copyrighted 2015 Cheryl S Birch
photo found at


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