Rev Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems & Prophecies

Listen to Sermons, Messages, Prophetic Teachings FREE

From this link you will be taken to where you can access our channel:RevCherylBirch and listen to a variety of messages, sermons, and prophetic teachings. It is FREE! My prayer is that you will be blessed, grow in the Lord and become strong in Him and the power of His might!

Listen to free sermons, messages and teachings at:

We also have a channel on YouTube where you can watch Rev. Cheryl’s testimony “Stepping Out of Darkness.” We are excited to share this video that records part of her testimony of stepping out of darkness of occult, New Age and witchcraft into the Marvelous Light of Christ Jesus. What an amazing God! Many thanks to The House Modesto for making it possible. It ends sort of abruptly and we apologize for that, but unfortunately we are not able to edit this video. None the less, it powerfully exposes the lies of the enemy and tells the story of God’s amazing grace that brought Rev Cheryl to salvation. Click Here to go our YouTube Channel.

Excited to hear what you have say!

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