Rev Cheryl Birch

Thoughts, Meditations of the Heart, Poems & Prophecies

Meet Rev Cheryl

Rev Cheryl sharing at a ministry event

“Many people tell me they really like the poems I post on this blog and have asked me how I write and from where my inspiration comes. That’s easy to answer. All of the poems stream out my relationship with with the Lord Jesus Christ who has reconciled me to Father God and who has poured out His Spirit upon me. After reading the Bible, worshipping Him or praying, I often hear in my heart songs and portions of poetry. I enter what I hear from the Holy Spirit of God (who is the One here on earth that speaks to our souls) into my journal. These bits and pieces, treasures out of Heaven, are the stuff of which the poems are made.

A few poems well up out of my heart as praise, to thank, or express love to my Lord and Savior. At times an entire poem simply pours out of my heart onto the paper. Other times the poem takes form over a week, a month or in two cases over the course of a year.

The articles are a collection written since 2006. Some are Biblical teaching, some personal experiences and testimony to God’s love and grace, a couple are opinion and observation, others are prophetic insights for the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ received during prayer or worship services.

My prayer is that all that I write, poem or article, is a blessing to those who read it and that the meditations draw people to the heart of God.

You may wish to also visit my website: Rev Cheryl Birch Ministries or check out my prophetic and teaching blog at Notes From Heaven.

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