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Don’t Count California Lost

Memo: To the rest of the nation regarding California
Re: Don’t Count us as Lost!

Those of us laboring here Modesto have a completely different viewpoint regarding the situation in California than the many words being released about the “the coming judgment” upon California. We believe that in the Valley of Achor there is a door of Hope and that the Lord is “kind to the unthankful and evil” (Luke 6:35) through His people.

Certainly there are consequences for our actions, meaning there will be suffering because of sin here, just like anywhere else in the world. Any people that refuse to repent and choose to continuously walk away from the loving arms of God, will experience more and more darkness. Yet, out of His Chesed, tender loving mercies grace and kindness, God has made a way for California. The Blood of Jesus still prevails. His arms are still open wide!

This has been a Jonah/Ninevah situation. Will Jonah, the church, stop running away from her call to preach an uncompromised Gospel in power and love to Ninevah (California) or not. For awhile the church was sitting in the belly of the whale (place of birthing and decision making) deciding if they would humble themselves before God in repentance and say “Yes” to Him or be digested as food for that whale. Note here that it is not the heathen and pagan sinners or the unholy decisions of lost judges that will determine California’s future. No, it is the Church that must make a decision. It is the church, the body of Christ that must choose to rise up out of sleepiness and even abject sin and set a new pace for California. And the good news is the Church in California is choosing to do just that!

From first glance our state looks hopeless to the rest of the nation. But, don’t forget there has always been and will be a remnant church here. We, the remnant, have NOT been told to abandon ship. Despite the cost, the Remnant are saying YES, and we are going forth as the Lord directs. We are gathering and praying; interceding corporately and individually for our cities and state. Much progress is being made and revival of the greater church is stirring. However, the work is more difficult as the nation opens a mouth full of curses toward us. We stand to bless this place with salvation, righteousness, purity, holiness, truth, love, joy, peace, freedom, faith, trust, hope, wisdom and the knowledge of God and His ways. We are asking God to spare the state for the sake of the righteous living here and the thousands of lost souls that need Him. But, there is a flood coming back of condemnation from within and without of this state; out of the mouths of Christians. It is as if the arms and hands are beating up the foot until it can no longer stand.

The Lord has asked us to stand none-the-less, stand in repentance for this state. Stand and release blessing and hope in joy to strengthen the church. Repentance is sorely needed to turn the tide here. As a prophetic intercessor, I know there is something stirring over California that is coming out of the throne room of God. As we repent and then bless, the stirring is intensifying. It is His timing for refreshing. It is His sound being released. He is stirring His church and renewing great hope and faith. HE IS UP TO SOMETHING BIG! Those of us who are hearing His sound and sensing this move of His Spirit are endeavoring to usher in His presence so that transformation into the image of Christ may come to fullness.

We have been hidden under the shelter of His wings for many years as He has prepared us for this time. Please know that being hidden did not mean we didn’t exist. There have always been far more than 10 righteous people in this state. The Lord would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah if He could have found 10 or more. Will He not spare California that is home to thousands of us who weep and cry out to Him continuously in our prayer closets? And, far from telling the remnant to leave CA He is sending more remnant to help the church here. People from all over the USA and the world are being assigned to various places in California. As they take their position, more glory is pouring out to redeemed this place. It is hard work so to speak, but it is productive and blessed work!

In all honesty, I must say that our work would be far less strenuous if we had the support of the rest of the body of Christ.

So, our simple request of the Body is to consider the souls here. Would a loving Father order the destruction of souls who have never had the opportunity to know His Son? No, it is the devil who is trying to take lives before they gain salvation. Please begin standing with us in prayer for a miracle of refreshing revival and an outpouring of salvation here. Bless California with the good word of the Lord. Then, watch and see what He will do when we unify in purpose of salvation and redemption under His banner of hope and of love.

Respectfully submitted
Rev Cheryl Birch
Cry Out for Revival Prayer Network

copyrighted 2008, 2010 Cheryl S Birch All Rights Reserved
First released 9-14-2008 and updated to reflect current trends in 2010


2 thoughts on “Don’t Count California Lost

  1. on said:

    This has blessed me even more than when I first read it a few years ago. I had almost lost hope. Bless you, Cheryl.

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