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I Have Roses for You

rose with dew

I have roses for you.
Here in My Hand are lovely blooms.
The petals are dripping with dew.
The fragrance fills your heart’s rooms.

Soft colors to please your eyes.
Gentle breezes to cool and refresh.
Clouds dancing in crystal blue skies.
Take from My Hand roses of rest.

I have Roses for you from above.
With their fragrant oil you are sealed.
Step into chambers filled with My Love.
Take this gift and be healed.

copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch


Triumphant JOY!


I heard the Father Speak to my heart:

Triumphant Joy! Unspeakable and full of glory
Is My son’s and daughter’s amazing strength story!
Though darkness and wickedness in the world abounds
Rejoicing in the hearts of My saints resounds.

They’re citizens of a heavenly home.
They see with eyes that from Me never roam.
They hear with ears fixed upon My voice.
They have gladness of heart for I AM their choice.

They’ve traded ashes for beauty and grief for holy mirth.
They continually build My Kingdom of eternal worth.
No matter the tragic things people experience or do
They have hope in their heart to share with you.

This glorious joy pours out of supernatural places.
It warms hearts like the glow of happy children’s faces.
It’s knowing that even in dire circumstance victory can be won.
It pours forth from the perfect heart of My only Son.

Triumphant Joy! Unspeakable and full of glory.
This is the promise of Messiah, Jesus’, story.

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

A Note from Heaven about Christmas


It’s not the shopping
It’s the heartfelt praying.

It’s not the caroling
It’s the peace heralding

It’s not the presents
It’s My Presence

It’s not the stockings
It’s My Good Tidings

It’s not the parties
It’s the heart ties

It’s not the church steeple
It’s the unity of My people

It’s not the festivity
It’s the celebration of the Nativity

It’s not Santa and reindeer fun
It’s joy and salvation in My Son

It’s not the awe of lights on a tree
It’s lifting up your voice and worshipping Me!

Copyright 2010, 2012 Cheryl S Birch

Remnant Warriors


Soldiers of fire and zeal
Surrounded with angelic battalions.
Lifting up swords of love drenched steel
Immovable force with hearts of lions.

Steadfast, obedient warriors of justice
Prepared to die for the King of Kings.
Clothed in white, dipped in holy blood sacrifice.
They are called by the Name. Of Jesus they sing.

Each challenge they face they look to God the Father.
They know every victory comes from Him.
What they hear, they shout from the rooftop rafter.
Every Word brings breakthrough; decimates sin.

These are the Remnant, the chosen, the called
Once hidden from view now revealed.
Brave bold sons and daughters of God
His promises in their hearts are sealed.

Rising up full-strength in glorious array,
Challenging the wretched evil of our day.
The hand of God upon them on display
They shout to all: Join us! Come this way!

Listen to their message. Listen to their song.
The Holy Spirit will open your ears and give you eyes to see.
Hear the refreshing message that will make you strong:
Rejoice! The Grace and Mercy of God are free!

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Let the Roar Rise Up

Lion of Judah words
Let the Roar rise up inside you!
Let the Lion of Judah Roar!
Roaring of His kindness and love;
Releasing mercy and grace from Heaven’s door.

Roar this day against prejudice and injustice.
Let your voices of authority be heard in the land.
An uncommon sound of lions shattering the abyss
Releasing peace and salvation as representatives of My Hand.

Take your place with out fear and Roar!
Open your eyes, look around, see the need.
Be My voice of love; with My healing soar;
Releasing the fulfillment of My Word from bended knee.

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
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Encouragement from Father God

My covenant with you is strong and enduring, says the Lord of Hosts.
It fails not. It is always supporting. It is for all eternity.
It is the ground upon which you stand and can faithfully boast.
The only place in all creation of total solidity.

My love for you is exquisite, complete and edifying.
It is filled with mercy and grace poured out to you daily.
It fails not. It is always supporting. It is electrifying.
The only thing in all creation that is always trustworthy.

You can count on My promises and My unfailing love.
My arms are wrapped around you every second of the day.
I am guiding you in your life tenderly from above.
Walk confident in Me…and you’ll never go astray.

Copyright 2012 Rev Cheryl Birch

You have My Heart


My covenant with you is for all eternity.
You are Mine and I am yours.
My very life’s blood gives you all certainty
That you have My heart; it’s you I adore.

It’s deep, wide, broad and high unfailing love.
My promise to you is forever and ever.
You will always be My dearest one.
I will never leave you or forsake you; never.

Gloriously, generously, overwhelmingly, I love you.
My eyes are upon you. You are lovely, so fair.
You are blessed and drenched with My heavenly dew.
You are sheltered by My Presence. I intensley care.

Wrapped, covered, hidden inside My heart.
Tenderly I speak over you mercy and kindness.
No matter what, from you I will not part.
To you I give joy and peace in gentleness.

You have My heart. My love never fades.
You have My heart, forever and always.

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Just Let go & Let Me flow

By Rev Cheryl Birch

It’s time you learned to lean on Me,
If My Glory you want to see.
Doing things according to your own heart
Is opposite thinking of “How great Thou art.”

Just let go of your plans and method.
I have ways that are far more splendid.
Man’s ideas are flimsy; white washed with flaws,
My ways are rock solid ever-lasting walls.

Bow down in prayer and just let go
Just let go and let Me flow
Relinquish to Me all that you are.
Reflecting Me you are a shining star.

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Prepare! Rise Up! Declare! Decree!

Prepare Prepare Prepare says the Lord of Hosts. Prepare for My Presence!

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My love.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My joy.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My peace.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My healing.

Then look to heaven and watch and see what I will do amongst you!

The world has come under great pressure to CHANGE, to change and be made wholly MINE. My pressure is steady and releases a desire for freedom from oppression. My Hand of Love is striking the nations and they are desiring freedom that they might choose Me. All the nations of Ishmael shall come to ME! And I will bless Isaac and Ishmael.

But be aware that the enemy of your soul is furious and fighting at every sign of change. He comes to steal souls. Earthquakes of his fury, Floods of his revenge, Winds of his hatred, Explosions of his rage are spewing forth to steal My sheepfold. Pray that lives are spared. You have authority! Pray that his fury be subsided with peace, that his hatred be overtaken with love, that his rage be quenched with joy and his is revenge washed away in healing as YOU, my Bride, my precious ones, take your positions and stand fast on My Word.

Stand up in your authority! Proclaim my Goodnees and the Good News! Rise Up as an anointed one, as an “official” in your land and declare the truth of My Word! And I say DECREE! Use righteous judgement and be a Legislator! DECREE My Word as the law of your land. You have authority to say what is allowed and what is not. By Faith DECREE My Word. It will not return void. It will accomplish its purpose and My plans.

I have given YOU dominion over the earth. Now rise up in the power I have imparted to you by My Spirit and in the Name of My Son, use His Name, declare My blessings! For I have chosen from the foundations of the Earth to prosper and bless you not to destroy you! This is your greatest hour. Now bless as I bless. Speak life as I speak life.

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
Released in part 3-24-11
Released more fully 5-28-12

Copyright 2011, 2012 Cheryl S Birch

All rights reserved

The Best is Yet to Come

I’ve given you a sword to battle giants
Don’t think of yourselves as small ants
Stand in the midst of your City
Proclaim My Word that I take pity.

Yes, I take pity on the poor sinners
Through My Blood I make them winners
Don’t be afraid to wield my sword
The enemy can’t stand against My word.

The Victory I proclaim is yours
Just get up and walk through those doors
Doors I will open with my Right Hand
Just trust in me and take your stand.

Rejoicing is here and a great harvest.
I guarantee that you will see my best.
For My best is yet to come!
You will see the glory of My Son.

Copyrighted Cheryl S. Birch 2009

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