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Deeper. Higher.

Deeper. I want to go much deeper.
Higher, however much higher I can go.
I must know the depths of my soul’s Keeper
And climb the highest hills so I can know.

Know the One who fearfully and wonderfully made me.
Experience the blessed shelter of His wings.
Enter the fearful Presence of His Glory.
Bask in the Holiness of His secret things.

Deeper, I must find the ancient way.
Higher, I must lean on His strength some how.
There’s so much more that awaits every day
Than what I am living right now.

I know there is a road that goes to something new
Lovingly My Lord bids me to come.
There’s obstacles along the way that block my view.
So, to the altar of sacrifice I must run.

Deeper, each time I go back to the cleansing altar.
Higher, the roadway to His heart becomes more clear.
He removes the sins and hurts that cause me to falter.
He fills me with great hope and joyful cheer.

So, I press on seeking His Presence.
I keep my eyes fixed on Him alone.
Day by day I let down my defense.
Soon, I will see the King on His glorious throne.

Deeper, but not yet in death taken out of this world.
Higher. I just know I can enter His Presence here and now.
Jesus paved the way to the Father with His blood.
His disciples follow Him with heads bowed down.

Intensity of love. His fragrance and His touch
Deeper, higher is my, our, heritage.
It’s a place where we become for Him a flaming torch
And enter the glories of His Heaven’s edge.


Him, Him and HIM!

Sunny! Bright! Glorious day today.
Cool breeze across my shoulders.
Ice tea. Umbrella. Padded chairs.
God’s peaceful presence takes me away.

Heart soaring. Flying! Happy! At rest.
Sense of love wraps ’round me.
Warmth. Security. Holiness.
My time with Father God is the best.

Leaning on Him. Learning to trust.
Flowers dance with the wind.
To know Him more. Reading His word.
Such joy overwhelms; ready to bust!

Trees, palms and cypress both, move in gentle waves.
It’s a treasured time
As He speaks to my heart
And I watch flowers and trees give Him praise.

Can’t help but join in.
I’m caught up in His glory.
Singing songs of total adoration,
Until there is only Him, Him and HIM!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

The Bride – an encouraging dream

Darkness, save for a bit of Light at the end of a long hall.
I wondered where I was, then crept along the wall.
Closer to the Light, I could see it came from under a door;
Heavy wooden door with an ancient latch of yore.

Standing there I wondered if I should enter in.
The Light got brighter suddenly. It called me out of the dim.
My hand reached out and felt the rough metal of the old old latch.
I held my breath and slowly opened it just a notch.

Peeking in, I beheld a most unusual sight.
In fact, at first, it gave me quite a fright.
Lying on a plain old wooden bench was A body like a mummy.
Nothing else was in the room except a window sunny.

Rays of Light bathed the one lying on the bench,
Wrapped head to toe in fine white linen arms folded in a clench.
Around the neck a scarlett ribbon adorned with a cross.
The sight was so unusual, I simply felt lost.

An arm moved before my eyes, the other also unfolded.
The door opened wide on its own. The room became Golden.
The body sat up, still wrapped and face covered.
Then legs swung ’round, it stood up, over me it hovered.

I looked up at the head and fixated on the cross.
It walked toward me. I was frozen. Totally at a loss.
Black out. Couldn’t grasp what I saw. Fighting panic, bit my lip.
Heard a voice: “The Bride of Christ awakened. She just stood up!”

Transported, I know not where, to a silvery white room.
There I watched many angels prepare the Bride for her Groom.
She sat upon a golden chair still wrapped as the dead.
Carefully the attendants removed the covering from her head.

A glorious face emerged. Eyes that glowed with love.
But, her hair was mess, so they sent for the Dove.
He attended with many angels to her tangled hair,
Carefully combing it out, finding every snare.

As they worked, the Bride began to smile.
Radiant glory beamed from her all the while.
Her head, neck and shoulders were fully revealed.
Many angels sang and around her they kneeled.

To my right, just behind, stood a Man I could not see.
He said, “I am preparing My leaders. I’m setting them FREE!”
Then He took my arm and guided me to another room.
It was gold brocade and tufted white, everything a’bloom.

A beautiful fragrance greeted us there;
Lovely fabrics and trimmings were scatter everywhere.
Dozens of artisans were making jewelry and veils.
Some seemed in a hurry, others moved like snails.

“Here is where the Bride’s vestments have been prepared since days of old.”
Said the Man whose voice bared my very soul.
I wept as I stood in this Holy place of honor.
It was hard to understand how I could even be in the corner.

Yet, He took me into the center of this room divine.
“Look around, my Love, there’s not much time.
The garments are nearly finished; the Bride has awakened.
It’s important that you ready yourself for ALL will be shaken.”

Love washed over me and there I got many new garments.
Attendants rushed toward me and gave me beauty treatments.
Before I left the wonders of that amazing place,
My Guide handed me gorgeous shoes of peace.

“Go tell them not to be anxious and always full of stress.
Go tell them through it all,” He said. “I will give them rest.
What is happening right now is the beautifying of My Bride.
Tell them not to fear, they are My joy and My pride.”

I awoke from this dream holding tight the shoes of peace.
And, I received faith that cannot be shaken or replaced.
No matter what you see or hear going on in our world
Hold on, dear ones, you are His Bride, your prayers have been heard!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All right reserved

Throw yourself upon the “Stone”

In my meditation and prayer times, I have been hearing strongly that the Body of Christ is entering an intense time of training. I saw in a vision a scene from the first Rocky movie. Rocky was running up the 68 steps that are the entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and when he got to the top he was strong and victorious. He jumped up and down with his hands in air. As he jumped his face changed – hundreds of times over and over from my face to yours and on and on. I got the message. I was seeing a strong fully trained physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual ready Body of Christ. I knew I was specifically seeing the USA Body of Christ, though this image can apply to the world-wide church, Rocky so much represents the American spirit.

No matter the opponent, no matter how imposing or how strong, Rocky found courage and trained for the battle ahead. In this first movie he was overweight and winded. He ran to get in shape and could barely make it up the steps when he started but, he kept training and kept training until finally he could run up all those steps in power. It wasn’t until he had done it many times exhausted and out of breath that he could finally with great strength jump up and down victoriously.

That was the moment he won the fight. We concentrate on the fact he out-punched the opponent and accomplished his goal. But, the truth is he became a Champion when he didn’t give up, give in or quit during the grueling time of preparing for the battle.

Then the Lord spoke to me: YOU ARE A VICTORIOUS CHAMPION! I know this statement is not only for me or our ministry here, it is a nation-wide decree out of heaven.

Though the church in general is like Rocky when he first started training: out of shape, winded, defeated, weary. The church’s faith muscles are weak. Many can barely stand on the gospel and some are rejecting all or portions. Arms are hanging down unable to fully wield the weapon of the Word. Some folks are in better condition that others, but overall we have a couch potato church that talks big just like Rocky, but can’t go the distance. A church that has given up on the promises of God and forsaken her destiny for the world’s ways. The church is so much like Rocky who had given up on his dream to be a contender. He kept up the appearance of a fighter, but he was a ham and egger. He’d turned to being a money collector for the mob.

Yet, in all that negative imagery we can apply to the church – God says to us YOU ARE VICTORIOUS CHAMPIONS!
He’s calling us out of the mediocre – he sees a Champion in YOU! He sees the church in the USA as More Than Conquerors.

Romans 8
31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? 33 Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. 34 Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written:

“For Your sake we are killed all day long;
We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”

37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

More than a conqueror means we are huper-nikao (pronounced: hooper nick cow). Or, another way to put it is you are a SUPERNATURAL OVERCOMER! Whenever huper is added to a word in the Greek language it makes that word over the top more than the meaning of the word. Nikao alone means we are such amazing overcomers and conquerors that it is the word used for Jesus conquering death hell and the grave. That’s an amazing thing – yet, Paul says we are even more than that through Christ Jesus. We are VICTORIOUS CHAMPIONS BECAUSE A VICTORIOUS CHAMPION RESIDES IN OUR HEARTS! (Hebrews 12:1-3) A WOW is in order here!

Oh how Jesus loves us! He loves the USA! Every Soul in the USA! The church in other nations is growing faster than any other religion in the world. Intensely amazing miracles are occurring in Africa, South America, India, China and more.
Our God is saving souls by the millions and He wishes to do that here too! No way does He wish to destroy us. His heart is always to renew refresh revive and expand His Kingdom!

We, the Body of Christ, must do something. We must submit fully to our TRAINER! Jesus is looking us straight in the eyes right now USA church (Luke 20:17,18) and says: “Then what is the meaning of this scripture—‘The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone?’The man who falls on that stone will be broken, and the man on whom it falls will be crushed to powder.”

In researching this scripture and studying it with one of my mentors, she mentioned that Jesus walked the earth during the time of the second temple. Solomon’s temple had been destroyed and the Ark of the Covenant and the other golden objects in the Holy Place had been taken to Babylon. The Ark was no longer in the Holy of Holies. During Jesus’ time, all the other objects had been replaced in the 2nd Temple: the Lamp Stand, the Laver, the Shewbread table, etc. So, curiosity grabbed us – What was in the Holy of Holies?

According to my research of Jewish history, expecting that God would restore the Ark to them at some point, there was a stone platform in the Holy of Holies where the Ark would be placed upon its return.

The Pharisees were cut to the quick by Jesus’ statement because the phrase “chief corner stone” referred to this stone platform. The High priest, at the prescribed time of entry, sprinkled blood on this stone. It had become the mercy seat. Jesus was saying to them two things: first that they needed to repent for their pride and arrogance and second that their rejection of Him was rejection of the chief corner stone. They were rejecting the blood sprinkled mercy seat and their arrogance was about to destroy them.

Proverbs puts it this way: A haughty spirit goes before a fall, pride before destruction.

Right now because of His intense love for us He is beckoning! Throw yourselves upon the stone, come to the mercy seat sprinkled with His blood, be broken in repentance and humility at His feet. It’s a good good good breaking! One that brings healing and refreshing to our lives so we can be a healing and refreshing presence in other people’s lives.

Here is the issue: if we will not submit in willing humility, that stone will become a grinding stone. It will find all the pride, selfishness, thanklessness, idolatry, unforgiveness, bitterness, greed for power and money, lust after the world… and grind it right out of us. It’s His blood shed for us and His mercy at work here. He wants us to be just like HIM!

To accomplish that goal, He will allow things to happen that challenge our actions, beliefs and attitudes. He will put us in circumstances that are not life threatening that grind on us. It can be ugly rough sandpaper, but it’s good for us. It’s GOOD for you!

Have you got a rough sandpaper circumstances working on you? Ask Him what He wants to say to your heart and what it is you need to let go of, or do or not do, that is preventing your miracle. Throw yourself on the Stone! You have ears to hear God. Listen during this breaking process and do what you hear!

Think of the process this way: physical strength training in the natural for our body is painful and hard to do at first and every new step forward to get stronger is also painful and hard until you build up muscle and endurance. The training camp of a Champion is tough work – it crucifies the flesh and makes it do whatever is needed.

It is no different in spiritual training. It is important we go through the training of soul for our sake and more importantly for the sake of others. It is so we can stand strong in Christ Jesus representing Him as His body, Holy set apart, foot washing servants walking in His love and power.

Know this real good: He is determined to mold and shape, transform us into victorious champions whether we want it or not! You signed on at salvation and the Holy Spirit never gives up on you! He has begun a good work in YOU and He will complete it.

Part 2 coming soon!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S. Birch

An Epic Dream

by Rev Cheryl Birch

Stepped out into what I thought was night
But, the vastness of the lapiz space gave me fright.
Looking down, I saw my toes stood on a sparkling star.
No matter where I looked, light twinkled near and far.

A hand, strong and full of life, touched my shoulder.
He steadied me, I heard His voice gently give me orders
“Come, walk the universe with Me,” He said.
As I dreamt, I wondered, “Am I dead?”

He laughed; My thoughts were His and His were mine.
“Not yet, my Love, there’s much to do. You’ve plenty of time!
Look up and see the starry spanse of space–
That’s nothing compared to My Saving Grace.”

Love washed over me and waves and waves of peace
As He grabbed my hand and took me from that place.
Spectacular planets were our stepping stones.
Then He turned and set my face back toward home.

How lovely is the planet Earth; brilliant blue and majestic green.
In awe I studied the cloud’s movement, such beauty I have never seen.
It is the centerpiece of God’s creation, no planet or star can compare.
It is the jewel, the crown, the masterpiece. It reflects the Savior’s prayer.

“There’s something else,” said He. “You must understand.
Heavenly beauty that you have seen is not the only mankind end.
It grieves My Heart in every way
That men and women choose not to listen to what I say.”

And then my eyes could see a sight I wish I could forget.
A place so awful it defies words; I shook and began to sweat.
If His Hand had not held me I would have fainted from the grief.
The vision of it went on and on, I begged Him for relief.

He was silent as jagged razor teeth appeared,
He said not a word as my whole being shook and feared
I teetered, dizzy on the edge of total darkness.
Violent screaming, suffering, abject hopelessness.

A vortex of godless selfishness and and prideful humanity.
Abased, reprobate, unyielding, lack of dignity.
Abandonment, terrified! “My God! My God, I can’t bear this burden!”
“NEVER LET ANYONE GO THERE!” He commanded all of a sudden.

“I thought You left me here.” I grabbed hold of His garment hem.
A stream of abyss bound souls whished past me. He didn’t save them.
Their cries of pain and agony wrenched my innards.
He said,”This is a place with no love; it’s full of unrepentant sinners.”

I wept beyond the capacity of man.
I wept the broken heart and tears of the Lamb.
“It was too late for them. They go there every day.
But, I’ve anointed you to draw people near to me, to show them the way.”

“No person is beyond My Saving Grace and Love,” He whispered in my ear.
“I ask you this: How can they come to Me, if they never hear?
Go share the work I did upon the Cross
I’ve destined you to be my mouth. Go save the lost!”

Startled awake at that statement, I sat staight up in bed.
My ear still felt His breath. His words echoed in my head.
The vision of that hellish pit has never ever left me.
The glory of His heavenly realms revealed has inspired me.

So, if you haven’t already chosen His heavenly abode
Why don’t you join me on this glorious road?
No need to suffer bound in pain for all eternity.
Ask Jesus to be your Saving Lord, from hell He will set you free.

“Come, my Love,” He says…”Walk on spectacular planets with Me!”

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Cry Out! Cry Out for Revival!

Inspired Poem first release in 3-3-10
Felt strongly today that this is a prophetic poem and it was time to re-release it. We are in a time when we must cry out to God and in turn when we have heard from Him to “birth” His plans in prayer.

Cry out, cry out for revival
Cry out in your desperate need
Cry out cry out for revival
It’s My Spirit you must heed!

Now is not a time of pulling back
The enemy is on the attack
Drop to your knees and beseech Me
Intercession brings the Victory!

Like you are birthing a child
This prayer is extremely vital
Don’t be distracted or dissuaded
Your prayers stop the enemy invasion.

Get on your face in repentance
Pray without ceasing!
Get on your face in repentance
My glory is releasing!

Cry out, cry out for revival
The unction you feel is Me.
Cry out cry out for revival
My Shekinah you will see!

copyrighted Cheryl S. Birch 2010

Prepare! Rise Up! Declare! Decree!

Prepare Prepare Prepare says the Lord of Hosts. Prepare for My Presence!

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My love.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My joy.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My peace.

First prepare your hearts and allow Me to flood you with My healing.

Then look to heaven and watch and see what I will do amongst you!

The world has come under great pressure to CHANGE, to change and be made wholly MINE. My pressure is steady and releases a desire for freedom from oppression. My Hand of Love is striking the nations and they are desiring freedom that they might choose Me. All the nations of Ishmael shall come to ME! And I will bless Isaac and Ishmael.

But be aware that the enemy of your soul is furious and fighting at every sign of change. He comes to steal souls. Earthquakes of his fury, Floods of his revenge, Winds of his hatred, Explosions of his rage are spewing forth to steal My sheepfold. Pray that lives are spared. You have authority! Pray that his fury be subsided with peace, that his hatred be overtaken with love, that his rage be quenched with joy and his is revenge washed away in healing as YOU, my Bride, my precious ones, take your positions and stand fast on My Word.

Stand up in your authority! Proclaim my Goodnees and the Good News! Rise Up as an anointed one, as an “official” in your land and declare the truth of My Word! And I say DECREE! Use righteous judgement and be a Legislator! DECREE My Word as the law of your land. You have authority to say what is allowed and what is not. By Faith DECREE My Word. It will not return void. It will accomplish its purpose and My plans.

I have given YOU dominion over the earth. Now rise up in the power I have imparted to you by My Spirit and in the Name of My Son, use His Name, declare My blessings! For I have chosen from the foundations of the Earth to prosper and bless you not to destroy you! This is your greatest hour. Now bless as I bless. Speak life as I speak life.

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
Released in part 3-24-11
Released more fully 5-28-12

Copyright 2011, 2012 Cheryl S Birch

All rights reserved

Flames of Fire Crashing

I saw the golden bowls that hold the prayers of the saints being poured out upon the altar in front of the throne of God. They radiated with glory and great billows of incense rose up from the bowls. Many hands of many angels held the bowls and brought them forth to mixed with fiery coals upon the altar. Songs were being sung, poems were released and this is the one that I heard…

Angels, Angels, Angels, Angels, Angels,
Angels and more Angels bringing answered prayers!
Voice of God commanding answers to our prayers.

Golden Bowls of incense pouring out on holy coals.
Censors of fire from your Holy Throne
Censors of answered prayer, crashing to the earth.

Flames of Fire crashing to the earth!
Censors of flaming coals crashing to the earth.
Answered prayers crashing, crashing to the earth.
Fiery coals crashing, crashing to the earth.
Answered prayers crashing, crashing to the earth!

copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Young Lions

Inspired Poem
Rev Cheryl Birch

Watch and see what I will do
in your cities and towns round about
The young ones are coming to Me with great joy and a shout.
A roar is inside them it must come out.
They won’t think twice. They won’t doubt.
They’ll dive into the River
And embrace the Giver,
The Giver of life
Who will end their strife.
A dance is in their feet and their lips will speak forth with zeal
Upon their foreheads is My seal!

So, take to the highways find the young lions
Lead them to Me. Take them up Mt. Zion.
I’ll teach them to roar out My truth with love
And to fly high in great peace on the wings of the Dove.
They’ll hit the streets with Passion and Power
This is the year! This is the hour!
So, fear not My maidens! Fear not My mighty men!
Go gather the young lions as chicks to a hen.
They are waiting for you to show them the way
Go tell them this is their DAY!
A Day of Salvation and meaningful Life.
A Day of freedom forever from strife
Don’t be surprised by their gruff manner
Their hearts will burst open as if hit by a hammer.
The hurt and the pain and buckets of shame
Will pour forth in great floods
Washed away by My blood.

Be brave My children as you go out to find them
I’ve made the way easy for you to please me.
Just Go and I’ll give the words to you.
Just Go and see what I will do.

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