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Poem Archive – 2009

There’s No Waiting!
by Rev Cheryl Birch

There’s no waiting for our God to Arise
He’s already risen and sits at the Father’s side
When He arose from the depths of the grave
The enemy was scattered and mankind was saved.

Think about the old word of covenant in a new way
It’s no longer a matter of waiting for the day
The day of Salvation, Healing and Freedom has already come
By the Blood of Christ Jesus the work has been done.

The Sun of Righteousness already rose with healing
His wings are spread out over you no matter how you’re feeling
Declare with your mouth that He has arisen
In His authority your words open prisons

Grab hold of the truth that victory is yours
Out of Heaven the oil and wine pours
Stop sitting and waiting for His work to be finished
Step into the JOY that it’s all been accomplished

What you so long for you can have right now!
It’s right there for the taking, if you know how.
Drop to your knees in repentance and prayer.
The enemy flees when you get there!

Victory, sweet Victory, is already won!
It came with the arising of God’s only Son!

Today I’ll be Me!
by jeannie

Today I work
Today I rest
Today I see
Today I’m me
Today I ‘ll be what the Lord wants me to be
Today I’ll be what the Lord made me to be
Today I’ll be me


By Rev Cheryl Birch

Wandering mind, crazy emotions
My heart is following silly notions.
Seems like I’ve lost my way
How do I turn this night into day?

Tiredness to my very joints and bones
I feel like I’m dragging heavy stones
Every simple thing takes so much effort
Life is suddenly filled with defeat.

What’s wrong with me? I say to heaven
Walking around crying and raving
I don’t really expect an answer
In fact, silence is what I prefer.

You see, I decided to avoid God.
He’s asked too much of this ol’ bod!
I’m not ready to go His way
I’d rather sulk and have a bad day.

I get the sense He’s looking at me
But I pretend that He can’t see
It’s all a pretty silly game
What I should do is call on His Name.

Stubborness is hard to overcome
But it can be cleansed by the Blood of the Son
If only I will go to Him
I’d be instantly free of this sin.

Finally, after suffering for days
The Light of God breaks through the haze
Why have I wasted all this time?
I could have been healed and been just fine!

Praise God! I am finally Free!
The pride departed on bended knee.
I know I can do all that He asks.
It’s not really such a hard task.

All I need to do is obey
Accept His love and watch what I say
I can just relax in His wonderful joy
Instead of hiding and being coy.

Isn’t it amazing how He loves us
Even when we sin and make a fuss?
He’s always right there to guide our steps
In His arms we are always kept.

Copyrighted 2009 Cheryl S. Birch


I Worry. I Fret
by Rev. Cheryl Birch

I fear. I worry. I fret.
But, from that there is nothing but regret.
Being anxious just makes me tired.
I’m never relaxed. I’m always wired.
Why do I let myself get this way?
I know fear is sin and it doesn’t pay.
Yet, fear creeps in stealing my joy.
My heart gets wounded like a broken toy.
With head hung low and shoulders slumped
I walk through life in the dump.
The goodness of my Lord is hidden
Soon I feel like I’m in a prison.
All I want is to be free.
The way to freedom is hidden from me.
I’ve forgotten the ancient way.
It’s words of repentance I must say.
Forgive me Lord for walking in fear.
How could I worry when you are right here?
Cleanse me of my wicked thoughts.
Teach me how to be what I ought.
Teach me to lean on you;
To trust you in all I do.
You have ordained my steps
In your hands my needs are met.
I confess that it’s You that I need
It’s Your Word that I must heed.
When I begin to do what You say
The SON Shines on me right away.
Clouds of oppression quickly depart
Joy overflows from deep in my heart
What seemed so hard and full of strife
Now has vanished from my life.
His smile and favor grace my days
Because I chose to honor His ways.

Copyrighted 2009 Cheryl S. Birch


My Warriors, My Chosen Few
Inspired Poem 4-27-09
Rev. Cheryl Birch

Walking hand and hand
With me you shall take the land.
I have given you authority.
Now go and occupy the territory.

With all your strength, power and might
Lean on Me and go out and fight.
Just be brave and take a step.
I’ll be there. I will equip.

I’ll pave the way for you.
Be assured you will have every tool.
And, when you’ve done all just take a stand.
The enemy will be defeated by My Right Hand.

I will arise and sweep them out of the way.
You will shout for joy every day.
Yes, there is coming a victory to your camp.
Come to me. Let Me be your lamp.

The crooked places are being made straight.
Get up and walk, don’t wait!
Shake off complacency before it’s too late
And, march right through the Victory gate.

I have opened it wide for you,
My warriors, My chosen few.

copyrighted 2009 Cheryl S. Birch


Integrity and Honor
Inspired Poem
by Rev Cheryl Birch

There are qualities I look for in those whom I promote
The ones that I send forth walk in love
No one can shake their loyalty; they don’t break their word
They aren’t in leadership because they push and shove

They are men and women of integrity and honor
My Word is always on their lips
Though others may betray them and stab them in the back
Forgiveness flows from their tongue, not nasty quips.

Like trees with deep, deep roots they firmly stand
No winds of gossip can take them down
Revenge is never sweet to these Soldiers of the Cross
Their face reflects joy and strength, not an evil frown.

So when I’m ready to do some amazing works
It’s those ones of stalwart heart that I seek
I know that they won’t fail Me or walk the other way
Instead they pray and I order their feet.

Through the ones who stand in sacred honor
My miraculous accomplishments will occur
So repent today for the ways that you dishonor
And turn toward my love that endures.

Suddenly you will find yourself on the adventure of your life
All that you dreamed and more will come true.
Be a person of integrity instead of strife
I’m ready to do BIG THINGS through you!

copyrighted Cheryl S. Birch 2009


It’s Time to Build
by Rev Cheryl Birch

It’s a season of construction
Cast away your thoughts of destruction.
Walk in My paths and ways
These are amazing days!

Cling fast and firm to My Word.
Remember all that you have heard.
Upon this I will build.
A bountiful crop it will yield.

Like never before rely on Me.
It is vital My plans that you see.
Don’t get caught in worldly thought.
Walk in all the that you’ve been taught.

My Kingdom is built in your hearts on love.
You need to rely on what comes from above.
Don’t ry to build in your feeble strength.
Rely on My loves heigth, width, breadth and length!

Take heart as you look at emptiness.
Soon your life will bubble with happiness.
Full of glory will your life be;
My miracles daily you will see.

Yes, I am building My kingdom in you.
Know that I am carrying you through!


The Bigger the Better
by Rev. Cheryl Birch

It is with joy and gladness
that I listen to your prayers.
Lift up those petitions with boldness
And ignore all those naysayers.

Pray! Pray and be BOLD!
Ask for your hearts desire.
Hearing from you never grows old.
I’m waiting right now to give you fire.

Believe Me for great BIG things!
I say the BIGGER the BETTER!
Don’t be tripped up by small things.
Open wide past the Law’s letter.

For you no longer labor under the law of sin and death.
My blood has set you FREE!
Now you can have My treasure chest.
Just put your trust in Me.

So don’t be limited by those stogie religious types
Throw off their traditions and rules!
Don’t get caught up in their hype
For you are a bearer of My Good News.

I want to give you millions of souls,
If you will have faith for them.
Cities and nations where you can be bold
Sharing the truth that My Son died for their sin.

It’s time! Yes, it’s time!
Your time has come!
Go and get what is Mine.
It’s for the Glory of My Son.

I will give you the victory
If you will just have confidence in Me.

Copyrighted 2009 Cheryl S. Birch


Why do you Fear? It’s Raining in Here!
by Rev Cheryl Birch

Why do you fear? It’s raining in here!
It’s raining My presence, a rain full of joy
A rain full of love that casts out the foe.

Rely on me. Lift up your eyes to see
I’m raining on you, so rejoice in Me.
I’m right here. I am all that you need.
Let my rain fall on your planted seed.

Don’t cause a life of drought
filled with worry and doubt
Relying on self or the world’s pleasures.
It’s far better to seek heavenly treasures.

Believe in Me.
I’m the one who can set you free
Free of all fear, doubt and worry
Rest in Me, step out of life’s hurry

I am a God of love, not of fretful fear
Always remember that I keep you near.
In fact, I keep you right here! (heart)


You are My Battle Axe;I Am Your Shield
Inspired Poem
by Rev. Cheryl Birch

Received from the Lord in parts on
4-28-09 & 4-30-09 & 5-15-09

You are My battle axe, I am your shield
My mighty weapons are the ones you wield.
Stand firm! Stand fast! Be not moved!
Through faith in Me the enemy is reproved.

Though he rails and puts up a fight
He can’t stand as you walk in My light
Put on my love, walk in truth and kindness
Watch Me shatter all darkness and blindness.

You are my battle axe and I am your Shield
My warriors in My harvest field.
The harvest is ripe and very ready
Look up to Me, keep your eyes steady.

Yes, fix your eyes only on Me
Refocus and My harvest you will see.
All around you sinners abound
Speak out My word, spread the joyous sound

As they turn their ear to me
The word they hear will set them free.
They are My children wonderfully made
Share Me with them, don’t hide in a cave.

Come forth into my glorious presence
And see them with My heart, My essence.
They need you now to come to their side
I am ready to transform them into My Bride.

In confidence share your testimony
My Word in you never sounds phony
Stand in faith, watch My sickle thrust
The Lost will run to the Laborers I trust.

Unless you pray and speak for Me
My goodness and mercy they may never see.
You don’t need to be highly skilled
Just one who is Holy Ghost filled

Don’t be afraid they will think you are silly
It’s better to speak out now, don’t dally!
In your mouth My words will be
Take a chance, lean fully on Me!

Now take a stand with your armor on
Let them see you clothed in My Son.
You are My battle axe, my weapons of war
Speak forth my word, let it roar!

Copyrighted 2009 Cheryl S. Birch All Rights Reserved


by Rev. Cheryl S. Birch

Grace! Your grace is sufficient for me.
Your grace is all I need!

Unconditional love pours out from Your heart
Loving You back fulfills my part.
Performance is not what You’re looking for
Works of the flesh are things you abhor.

What you want is my adoration
Time spent with YOU brings transformation.
Grace flows down from your heart to mine.
It’s in Your presence that power I find.

Your favor and divine intervention
Then grab my full attention
Your plans and ideas flood my mind.
And I can throw off all that binds.

Grace toward others in every situation
Wipes out satan’s religious condemnation.
Grace is the foundation of my liberty.
The Man of Grace has set me FREE!

No matter the challenge, the hurt and the pains
I won’t go back to prison and chains
I call on the ONE who shed His blood
He gives me answers abounding in grace and love.

Grace! Your grace is sufficient for me.
Your grace is all I need!

Copyrighted 2010 Cheryl S. Birch


Stormy Seas
by Rev Cheryl Birch

Bobbing on the stormy sea
Wondering what’s become of me
I’m tossed & turned & bounced around
There’s nothing but tumultuous sound.
My head is spinning with unending confusion
My heart is broken and I’ve lost my passion
All I can see are unending problems and cares
I cry aloud that life just isn’t fair!
Then suddenly in the midst of the din
I feel the touch of the One who cleansed me from sin.
His voice calms the roaring of the sea of pain
His gentle touch makes my tormented mind sane.
The clouds of doubt begin to scatter and part
As peace floods in to guard my heart.
I’m not alone after all! I exclaim
My Lord! My Jesus has remembered my name!
His book I held in my hands now I read.
It plants in my heart the hope that I need.
Soon a crop of faith springs forth.
In revelation of HIM, I rediscover my worth.
He died and rose again just for me
So, I wouldn’t have to be overcome by stormy seas!
Your burden is too heavy, he gently said.
Take My light yoke. Be free instead.
When I remember He carries the load
I can quickly do exactly what I’m told.
In prayer I give all the burdens to Him
Then bask in the wonders of the freedom He gives.
Now I’m swimming in the crystal river of peace
It’s smooth and clear, all turmoil has ceased.
Copyrighted Cheryl S. Birch 2009


It’s Your Praise that Hits MY Heart
Inspired poem 7-31-09
By Rev. Cheryl Birch

Worship Me and Me alone
Lift up those hands of praise.
Remember me at work and home
As holy hands you raise.

For worship is not just for special days
Or planned celebrations.
True worship is for every day
You can always give me accolade-tions!

In the quietness of your time with Me
Each day will bring reward
There’s treasure in great intimacy
I love to be adored!

True worship from My children
Can be so very rare.
Yet, I long to bless them
If they’ll climb the worship stair.

Let go of all your notions
Of how to give Me praise
It’s not men’s planned devotions
That moves My heart today.

It’s simple songs of gladness
And words of thanks and blessing
It’s joy in the midst of sadness
And tearful times of confessing.

It’s times of sitting quiet
And thoughts of grateful love
It’s peace in the midst of riot
And faces turned above.

It’s songs that come from deep within
No matter how they’re sung.
It’s music made with trembling chin
And groans until there’s none.

It’s shouts with hands a’clapping
And whispered words of happiness
It’s bold ecstatic dancing
And twirling ‘till you’re breathless.

It’s kneeling in My presence
Telling Me your deepest secrets
It’s sharing your core essence
And preferring Me to chocolates.

The point is that YOU worship
And praise Me with your heart.
Don’t lean on other’s worship
It’s YOUR praise that hits My heart.

Copyrighted Cheryl S. Birch 2009
copyrighted 2009 Cheryl S. Birch

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