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Poem Archive – 2010

Lean – Call – Come…
By Rev Cheryl Birch

Lean on Me when life is filled with trouble.
Lean on me when fear floods your soul.
I AM here to give out portions that are double.
I AM here to heal and make you whole.

Call on Me in the midst of great pain.
Call on Me in the depth of suffering.
I will answer and wipe away all shame.
I will answer with love and rejoicing.

Come to Me when confusion overwhelms you.
Come to Me when the heaviness is too much to bear.
I will make clear the plans I have for you.
I will lift the burdens and make your days fair.

There is nothing that is too much for Me!
Call upon My Name every day.
The darkness will depart and you will see
There is glory all around; I’m with you all the way.


Meditation on Christmas
by Rev Cheryl Birch

It’s not the shopping
It’s the praying.

It’s not the caroling
It’s the heralding

It’s not the presents
It’s My Presence

It’s not the stockings
It’s the Good Tidings

It’s not the parties
It’s the heart ties

It’s not the steeple
It’s the people

It’s not the festivity
It’s the Nativity

It’s not the fun
It’s My Son

It’s not the tree
It’s Me!

Copyright 2010 Cheryl S. Birch


by Rev. Cheryl S. Birch

Grace! Your grace is sufficient for me.
Your grace is all I need!

Unconditional love pours out from Your heart
Loving You back fulfills my part.
Performance is not what You’re looking for
Works of the flesh are things you abhor.

What you want is my adoration
Time spent with YOU brings transformation.
Grace flows down from your heart to mine.
It’s in Your presence that power I find.

Your favor and divine intervention
Then grab my full attention
Your plans and ideas flood my mind.
And I can throw off all that binds.

Grace toward others in every situation
Wipes out satan’s religious condemnation.
Grace is the foundation of my liberty.
The Man of Grace has set me FREE!

No matter the challenge, the hurt and the pains
I won’t go back to prison and chains
I call on the ONE who shed His blood
He gives me answers abounding in grace and love.

Grace! Your grace is sufficient for me.
Your grace is all I need!

Copyrighted 2010 Cheryl S. Birch


Shake Off the Grieving Cloak
by Rev Cheryl Birch

I rejoice over you my dear, my lovely one
I sing over you my faithful one
Mourn not, shake off the grieving cloak
Put on my joy and a glory coat.

It’s good for you to come near to me.
Come and sit at My knees.
My lovely one I long for you.
Won’t you give Me My due?

What you see and hear and feel right now is not your destiny
Enter into my realms and be filled with ecstasy.

Copyrighted 2010 Cheryl S Birch

by Rev Cheryl Birch

Don’t be concerned about what you have to give up to serve Me
In My Kingdom there is always GAIN!
Concentrate on the blessings I have planned to prosper you
As you stand fast and firm in My Name!

Redirect your eye Heavenward
and stop looking at this earthly realm
Step into My Ark of Safety, love peace and joy
I am firmly in charge of it helm.

No darkness or attacks of evil
Can stop the plans I have for you
It’s only in your response to challenges
that you can lose your due.

If you are bold and firm in your resolve to do all things My way
Then the evil one will flee from you as you say what I say.

I will grant you over and above whatever you ask in the name of My Son.
If you stand firm in faith with a heart of love consider it already done!

So, fear not the wave of resistance mounted up against you
Stay the course! Be brave and strong! You are my chosen few!


Stand in Boldness! Lift up Your Voices!
By Rev. Cheryl S. Birch

Don’t fear persecution, Rejoice!
It’s a by-product of living for Me.
Stand in Boldness! Lift up your voice!
Salvation and Miracles you will see.

Shake off the dust of the nay-sayers.
Go on in great confidence.
You are Giant Slayers,
My presence in you is the evidence!

Don’t shrink back or hide
When I say GO just do it
Standing on My Word isn’t pride
Persevere! Believe! Don’t quit!

The rewards for boldness in Me are many
Souls I’ve prepared will flock to you
Exceeding joy and gladness a’plenty
Pouring out from Heaven is your due.

Stand for the sake of your nation
No weapon formed against’ you shall prosper
Don’ take a spiritual vacation
Now is the time to be My sandpaper.

I will use you in the midst of great darkness to shine my Light
Let go of your fears and fight the good fight!

Copyrighted 2010 Cheryl S. Birch


His Angels
by Rev Cheryl Birch

His angels are singing over me.
His angels are singing over me.
His angels are singing victory.
They’re singing victory… over me.

His angels are walking with me!
His angels are comforting me!
His angels are covering me!
His angels are bringing victory!

His angels are protecting me!
His angels are warring with me!
His angels are fighting for me!
His angels are bringing victory!

Copyrighted 2010 Cheryl S. Birch


Cry Out for Revival
Inspired Poem
by Rev Cheryl Birch 3-3-10

Cry out, cry out for revival
Cry out in your desperate need
Cry out cry out for revival
It’s My Spirit you must heed!

Now is not a time of pulling back
The enemy is on the attack
Drop to your knees and beseech Me
Intercession brings the Victory!

Like you are birthing a child
This prayer is extremely vital
Don’t be distracted or dissuaded
Your prayers stop the enemy invasion.

Get on your face in repentance
Pray without ceasing!
Get on your face in repentance
My glory is releasing!

Cry out, cry out for revival
The unction you feel is Me.
Cry out cry out for revival
My Shekinah you will see!

copyrighted Cheryl S. Birch 2010


My Life is Fine and Dandy?
By Rev. Cheryl S. Birch 2-3-10

I’m alone one quiet night.
All I want is to get some rest.
Then suddenly my mind is in a fight
It says, “My life is a big mess!”

“No! It’s NOT!” I think right back
“My life is find and dandy!”
Then an answer comes that says, “I lack.”
“Stop eating all that candy.”

Yes, that must be why I feel so bad,
I ate too many sweets today.
Back to kicking up my feet to watch a TV fad
Something mindless will take the guilt away

At the first commercial break
That funny feeling creeps back in.
Something’s wrong. I feel that ache.
Oh no, it’s not candy, it’s sin!

Why haven’t I spent more time with God?
Why don’t I read His Word?
How come prayer makes me yawn and nod?
Why has church made me bored?

Oh Dear! I guess I must be growing cold.
What once was exciting now seems old.
Somewhere along the way, I lost my first love.
I’m relying on ME, not direction from above.

What am I watching?
Look at that TV!
What are they saying?
It should embarrass me!

I’ve given in to too much of the world.
Where is my sense of shame?
I need to be cleansed. I need a new robe.
This fleshy nature needs to be tamed.

Alone that taming just can’t be done.
I fail and fall down.
I need the Blood of the Son
And QUICKLY; lest in darkness I drown.

What does it say to do when in sin?
Yes! That’s it! I must REPENT!
And then forgiveness I win
And cleansing is what I get.

Praise God for His convicting love
And for His amazing grace!
Instead of sin, it’s His presence I’ve won
How wonderful to feel His embrace!

Off goes the television as I open up His book
Now on His Word I am totally hooked.
New excitement enters my soul
And, Adoring Him is my daily goal.

The world now holds nothing for me
It’s His Face, not TV, that I want to see!

Copyrighted 2010 Cheryl S. Birch

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