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Poem Archive – 2011

Frustrated! Disappointed! Discouraged!
(By Rev Cheryl Birch)

Frustrated! Disappointed! Discouraged!
I sat with my lower lip quivering and raged.
“It’s not fair Lord!” I hollered in pain.
Nothing is going the way I planned today!

Why? Why? Why is this such a mess?
My plans were precise; More NOT Less!
Now I sit in the midst of delay,
Seems like nothing ever goes my way.

A sweet small voice whispers to me…
“Did you come first and sit on MY knee?”
I answered emphatically YES! I took my plans to YOU.
I prayed and asked for blessing; that’s my due.

“Child” I heard in the midst of my heart
“Those plans weren’t Mine, they were YOUR art.”

How easy it is to rise up in pride
And try to make God bless our ride.
It’s much more productive to first seek His way.
Frustration, Disappointment & Discouragement will vanish in a day!


Come Out! Come Out!
by Rev. Cheryl S. Birch

Come out! Come out! Come out of your hiding places!
Let My Glory be seen on your faces.
Hide not what I have done in you.
Take every opportunity; let Me shine through.

Don’t miss your ordained moment of Glory
Throw off frustration, discouragement and worry.
Stand in the expansiveness of My Light
Be Bold! Be Brave! It’s worth the fight.

Many souls are waiting for you.
They need joy and hope, it’s their due.
I choose to touch them through My Bride.
Yield to Me; be My Hands; repent of pride.

The truth is My Bride will see
Many miracles on bended knee.
It’s your moment! It’s your time!
(Now I’m through with this rhyme.)

notation: The Lord clearly told me to leave the last line as is. He was through with the rhyme.

Rise Up in My Strength and Loving Power
by Rev Cheryl Birch

My Spirit is shining upon you
In My light you live, a chosen few
Fullness of grace and power flows free
Let not your hearts be far from from Me.

Stand in your places with swords in hand
I’ve given you governship of your land
With humility and loving hearts
You will defeat the enemy with My darts.

Your weapons are not your mind or hands
Not your words or efforts will take the lands
Lean fully on My Ancient Ways
It’s by My Spirit the enemy is stayed.

Turn, turn, turn from your complacent ways
Let me reveal what has darkened your days
Many insidious diversions have come
They take your eyes and heart away from My Son,

Shake off the snares of discouraged frustration
Be loosed from the worldliness of your nation
Rise up in My Strength and My Love drenched Power
It’s not too late! This is the hour!

Center of His Palm
By Rev. Cheryl Birch

Hide not your sins from Me
For deep into your heart I can see.
It’s far better to come to Me and confess
For at My Cross you’ll find much rest.

Secret faults and presumptuous sins
Cause a life lived on needles and pins.
Come Me to be cleansed and made whole.
Walking in peace is your destiny, your role.

Letting sin abound steals your quiet
Then comes the enemy and causes a riot.
Walking in repentance brings great calm
It keeps your life in the center of My Palm.

The place where I was scarred for you
and shed My blood to pay your due.
That’s why such great peace is found there
It’s the place where your heart is laid bare.

When you don’t try to hide from Me
Then the depths of My heart you will see!

Copyrighted 2011 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved

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