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Great Great Harvest

harvest sun

I see horse and riders
Sparkling clouds in the air
Golden dust of glory
Angels strong; everywhere

I see a vast army
Hearts open and bare
Marked by their Lord Jesus
Holy, pure and fair

In them nothing hidden
Honor and truth their shield
Lifting high His banner
Reaping His field

Love and kindness pouring forth
Healing dripping from their hands
Moving upon the Wind
Freeing captives from their bands

It’s a day of rejoicing
As the riders circle the earth
To the north, south, east and west
The Presence of God pouring forth

Look up to the Heavens
We’re standing on the edge of time
The Father’s plans culminating
He shouts: The earth is Mine! The earth is Mine!

The earth responds rejoicing
More riders are released
Billions see Jesus’ majesty
And bow down at His feet

It’s the great great harvest
You are His harvest hand
Step out in boldness
He’s healing our land!

copyrighted Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved

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Remnant Warriors


Soldiers of fire and zeal
Surrounded with angelic battalions.
Lifting up swords of love drenched steel
Immovable force with hearts of lions.

Steadfast, obedient warriors of justice
Prepared to die for the King of Kings.
Clothed in white, dipped in holy blood sacrifice.
They are called by the Name. Of Jesus they sing.

Each challenge they face they look to God the Father.
They know every victory comes from Him.
What they hear, they shout from the rooftop rafter.
Every Word brings breakthrough; decimates sin.

These are the Remnant, the chosen, the called
Once hidden from view now revealed.
Brave bold sons and daughters of God
His promises in their hearts are sealed.

Rising up full-strength in glorious array,
Challenging the wretched evil of our day.
The hand of God upon them on display
They shout to all: Join us! Come this way!

Listen to their message. Listen to their song.
The Holy Spirit will open your ears and give you eyes to see.
Hear the refreshing message that will make you strong:
Rejoice! The Grace and Mercy of God are free!

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Mighty Army of Valor

Fire under their feet; flames in their hearts
Announcing the Lord of Lords glorious ways and plans.
Shouts spring forth: How Great Thou Art!
The Army of God spreading His love in all lands.

Marching feet, hands weilding truth drenched swords,
Faces radiant with abounding joy and grace.
Upon their chest: righteousness; each chanting healing words.
They’re rising as one person, keeping perfect pace.

Bursting forth in the midst of great darkness
Their hope and faith pave the road to a new day.
Garments dipped in Holy Blood, dripping with steadfastness,
Humble and contrite hearts show forth the victorious way.

Brilliant Light radiates ’round about this sanctified troop
That streams forth from a cross shaped heavenly door.
Steadily they make their way taking ground foot by foot.
Miracles, signs and wonders flow as renewed hearts soar.

Salvation! Deliverance! Freedom is their battle cry.
Transformation, Reformation is the song that they sing.
Mighty army of valor, ready even, for lost souls sake, to die.
Listen to their lionhearted roar: Follow us! We’re going to see the KING!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch – All rights reserved

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