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Go Higher!

Strong Wind!
Soar Higher!

Let Go!

Way up High,
Quiet Sky.

Love Divine.
Soaring High.

Only YOU!
Flying so High,
My God and I.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch



The glorious scenery of Milford Sound

No, lovelier than that.
Roses, or…
Maybe, delicate lace?

Sweet fragrance.
Sparkling dew upon the grass.

Cloud wisps;
Perfect white.
No. Lovelier!
Perhaps clear blue sky.

Intricate snowflakes;
A blanket of frosty ice.
Lovelier than even that.
Pristine lake?

Sunset, sunrise.
Majestic mountains.
Hills emerald green.

Clear eyes of a child;
The smile of a babe.
But, not that.

Hard to describe the thought of God.
Holy purity.
His beauty and majesty.
His grace toward me.

His goodness.
His face.
His touch…

copyright 2013 Cheryl S. Birch

It’s Your Love


What is it that shines brightly and overcomes all darkness?
It’s Your Love!

What is it that floods me with peace in the midst of the storm?
It’s Your Love!

What is it that fills me with joy even in difficult circumstance?
It’s Your Love!

What is it that illuminates my mind with Truth?
It’s Your Love!

What is it that overflows my heart with compassion for unloveable folk?
It’s Your Love!

What is it that lights up the way I should go?
It’s Your Love!

What is this zeal and passion I feel?
It is Your amazing, everlasting, abiding, unconditional Love!

Let me be radiant with Your Love, Lord… with Your Love.

copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

In the Middle of Anguish is Gold


Clouds, dark clouds, encase my heart.
Such sadness gloves my soul.
Loss pierces me like a dart
Wrenching, taking emotional toll.

Everywhere I turn seems gray.
All sunshine fled in an instant.
Now weeping encompasses my day.
Joy seems far off, so distant.

Wet pillow of tears, wiping my face.
Deep sigh. Barely slept again.
Praying, head in hands; suddenly feel an embrace.
Strength infuses me easing the pain.

Wings of peace mount up guard.
Such amazing comfort; strong and bold;
In Jesus’ hands, love scarred.
In the middle of anguish is found gold.

Slowly, at first, then totally free,
With help pouring out of heaven,
I get up each day, perfect love I see.
It pours out from the Father to strengthen.

Sunny heart, unexpected, blazing fire breaks forth!
No clouds! No doubts! No sadness!
Healing completed, now I daily rejoice
And share with others His gladness!

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Such Treasure as This

To God be the glory 1024x768

Cascading billows of glory washing over me
Intensly changing the core of my being.
No longer bound by the world I see
It’s my heavenly home that has solid meaning.

Wisps of joy, wonders abounding, sensations of adoration.
Peace mounting up guarding my soul,
The presence of God, royal proclamation,
His unending love that makes me whole.

Blessed mercies, loving kindness brush my cheek.
All fear, shame and condemnation vanish.
Everything I need is in this One I seek.
Grace, grace abounding such treasure is this.

No other can send my spirit soaring
Or calm my wondering fearful heart.
To Him all honor and praise resounding.
I am His, He is mine; from Him I will never part.

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Him, Him and HIM!

Sunny! Bright! Glorious day today.
Cool breeze across my shoulders.
Ice tea. Umbrella. Padded chairs.
God’s peaceful presence takes me away.

Heart soaring. Flying! Happy! At rest.
Sense of love wraps ’round me.
Warmth. Security. Holiness.
My time with Father God is the best.

Leaning on Him. Learning to trust.
Flowers dance with the wind.
To know Him more. Reading His word.
Such joy overwhelms; ready to bust!

Trees, palms and cypress both, move in gentle waves.
It’s a treasured time
As He speaks to my heart
And I watch flowers and trees give Him praise.

Can’t help but join in.
I’m caught up in His glory.
Singing songs of total adoration,
Until there is only Him, Him and HIM!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Ticket to Heaven

I have an eternal life ticket to heaven.
The blood of Jesus stamped me APPROVED and washed away all leven.
Now, I can enter into the presence of the Father.
He accepts me as I am. I am never a bother.
Such joy there is in knowing I am always welcome.
Security, peace and love pour out to me times seven.
Wonders and miracles follow me wherever I go.
All because my Savior washed me white as snow.

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Father God’s Arms

I go to prayer and suddenly all becomes peace.
What is this amazing sensation? I pray it never cease!
Waves and waves of glory wash steadily over me, so real.
“As you rest upon My chest,’ God says. “It’s My breath that you feel.”

The kisses of His lips. The tenderness of His touch.
The joy, the love, the fire, passion becomes a torch.
“Thank you, Father.”
“I love you, daughter.”

The exchange is intense and edifying.
Reality of His presence electrifying.
The world fades away, there is protection from all harm.
Nothing compares to what is found in Father God’s arms.

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Draw Close

The Father of Lights above only gives us good good things.
He loves it when His gifts make His children sing.
There is never any shadow of turning in Him.
He loves us through and through, even when we sin.

“Draw close to Me!” Is His daily call.
He waits on us, patiently, to give Him our all.
Busy-Busy-Busy; distracted by our lives.
Too much to do. Appointments today. Partying for some highs.

The day is gone, “G’night Lord.” Drift away in sleep.
Rush-Rush-Rush; get up next day. Ignore Him on repeat.
Stressed. Frantic! Worried. “My life is such a mess!”
“Why did You let this happen, God? I expected Your best.”

Smile. Gentle touch from heaven. Father’s ear is ours.
“Complain away precious child. We’ll talk when you calm down.”
Exhausted. Sick and tired. Collapsed in defeat.
“Please help me, Father God. I see, it’s You that I need.”

“If you had only come to Me for some daily rest.
I would have given you advice to avoid this awful mess.
My Spirit called to you every day a little louder.
None-the-less, with prayer you couldn’t be bothered.

You thought you could push through and do life on your own.
You forgot the truth that heaven is your primary home.
Daily heaven visits in My arms is what you really need.
My Son, Jesus, has paved the way. His blood I always heed.

In life there are many trials, challenges and tests.
Don’t walk through it all in your own strengths.
Come to Me, your Father, and sit upon My knee.
Lean upon Me, dear one, there My plan you will see.

My plan is to prosper you; help you to acheive your destiny.
I will breathe life into you and expand your capacity.
The way to Me is simple; come repentant and humble.
I’ll give you wonderful gifts of love in exchange for life’s trouble.”

The Bride – an encouraging dream

Darkness, save for a bit of Light at the end of a long hall.
I wondered where I was, then crept along the wall.
Closer to the Light, I could see it came from under a door;
Heavy wooden door with an ancient latch of yore.

Standing there I wondered if I should enter in.
The Light got brighter suddenly. It called me out of the dim.
My hand reached out and felt the rough metal of the old old latch.
I held my breath and slowly opened it just a notch.

Peeking in, I beheld a most unusual sight.
In fact, at first, it gave me quite a fright.
Lying on a plain old wooden bench was A body like a mummy.
Nothing else was in the room except a window sunny.

Rays of Light bathed the one lying on the bench,
Wrapped head to toe in fine white linen arms folded in a clench.
Around the neck a scarlett ribbon adorned with a cross.
The sight was so unusual, I simply felt lost.

An arm moved before my eyes, the other also unfolded.
The door opened wide on its own. The room became Golden.
The body sat up, still wrapped and face covered.
Then legs swung ’round, it stood up, over me it hovered.

I looked up at the head and fixated on the cross.
It walked toward me. I was frozen. Totally at a loss.
Black out. Couldn’t grasp what I saw. Fighting panic, bit my lip.
Heard a voice: “The Bride of Christ awakened. She just stood up!”

Transported, I know not where, to a silvery white room.
There I watched many angels prepare the Bride for her Groom.
She sat upon a golden chair still wrapped as the dead.
Carefully the attendants removed the covering from her head.

A glorious face emerged. Eyes that glowed with love.
But, her hair was mess, so they sent for the Dove.
He attended with many angels to her tangled hair,
Carefully combing it out, finding every snare.

As they worked, the Bride began to smile.
Radiant glory beamed from her all the while.
Her head, neck and shoulders were fully revealed.
Many angels sang and around her they kneeled.

To my right, just behind, stood a Man I could not see.
He said, “I am preparing My leaders. I’m setting them FREE!”
Then He took my arm and guided me to another room.
It was gold brocade and tufted white, everything a’bloom.

A beautiful fragrance greeted us there;
Lovely fabrics and trimmings were scatter everywhere.
Dozens of artisans were making jewelry and veils.
Some seemed in a hurry, others moved like snails.

“Here is where the Bride’s vestments have been prepared since days of old.”
Said the Man whose voice bared my very soul.
I wept as I stood in this Holy place of honor.
It was hard to understand how I could even be in the corner.

Yet, He took me into the center of this room divine.
“Look around, my Love, there’s not much time.
The garments are nearly finished; the Bride has awakened.
It’s important that you ready yourself for ALL will be shaken.”

Love washed over me and there I got many new garments.
Attendants rushed toward me and gave me beauty treatments.
Before I left the wonders of that amazing place,
My Guide handed me gorgeous shoes of peace.

“Go tell them not to be anxious and always full of stress.
Go tell them through it all,” He said. “I will give them rest.
What is happening right now is the beautifying of My Bride.
Tell them not to fear, they are My joy and My pride.”

I awoke from this dream holding tight the shoes of peace.
And, I received faith that cannot be shaken or replaced.
No matter what you see or hear going on in our world
Hold on, dear ones, you are His Bride, your prayers have been heard!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All right reserved

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