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In the Middle of Anguish is Gold


Clouds, dark clouds, encase my heart.
Such sadness gloves my soul.
Loss pierces me like a dart
Wrenching, taking emotional toll.

Everywhere I turn seems gray.
All sunshine fled in an instant.
Now weeping encompasses my day.
Joy seems far off, so distant.

Wet pillow of tears, wiping my face.
Deep sigh. Barely slept again.
Praying, head in hands; suddenly feel an embrace.
Strength infuses me easing the pain.

Wings of peace mount up guard.
Such amazing comfort; strong and bold;
In Jesus’ hands, love scarred.
In the middle of anguish is found gold.

Slowly, at first, then totally free,
With help pouring out of heaven,
I get up each day, perfect love I see.
It pours out from the Father to strengthen.

Sunny heart, unexpected, blazing fire breaks forth!
No clouds! No doubts! No sadness!
Healing completed, now I daily rejoice
And share with others His gladness!

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch




Wondering mind; can’t concentrate.
Good grief, how’d I ever get this way?
Flitting thoughts, uneasiness; what a state!
Is there no place of rest today?

Try to settle, afghan on my lap.
Bible open and tea on my table.
Deep breath. Closed eyes. Pretended nap.
Suddenly hear: Fear not! In Me you are able.

Eyes open, focus on God’s Holy word.
It says “Be strong and of good courage.”
Peace pours forth from His mighty sword.
Now, I wonder why I had been worried!

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Such Treasure as This

To God be the glory 1024x768

Cascading billows of glory washing over me
Intensly changing the core of my being.
No longer bound by the world I see
It’s my heavenly home that has solid meaning.

Wisps of joy, wonders abounding, sensations of adoration.
Peace mounting up guarding my soul,
The presence of God, royal proclamation,
His unending love that makes me whole.

Blessed mercies, loving kindness brush my cheek.
All fear, shame and condemnation vanish.
Everything I need is in this One I seek.
Grace, grace abounding such treasure is this.

No other can send my spirit soaring
Or calm my wondering fearful heart.
To Him all honor and praise resounding.
I am His, He is mine; from Him I will never part.

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Unity is…


Refreshing dew.
Feeling new.
Strife doesn’t win.
Forgiving other’s sin.
Healing oil.
To one another loyal.
Honoring others.
Being sisters and brothers.
Jesus the center.
Integrity defenders.
Loving at all times.
Restoring broken lives.
Joy flowing out.
Vanquished doubt.
Righteousness abounds.
Praise resounds!

Embracing diversity
In the peace bond of unity.

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch


My Garden

Sunshine, the warmth on my cheek.
Wonderful feeling of sun’s rays from head to toe.
Sitting in my garden eyes closed, can’t speak,
Tucked in the protection of a lovely alcove.

It’s a chilly day; wind rustling the leaves.
Winter is nigh, but not yet fully seen.
Fall blooms hang on for delighted bees.
In trees resounding birdsong teems.

Golden light, though horizon low, keeps me warm and steady
Sunset sneaking up too quickly this time of year.
Then comes a sparrow to entertain me and my kitty.
Hopping about with no sign at all of fear.

Kitty leaps! Oh! Fly away sparrow toward the sky aglow!
Squinting to see him soar away to safety
Then back to enjoying the sun, now very low.
Loving every beam warming me while drinking tea.

Thank you, Father God, for this precious light
To remind us of the warmth of Your love.
How You scatter each day all the darkness of night
And pour out your grace and mercy from above.

Now, the sun sets; brilliant colors of red and gold I see
As my God paints a masterpiece that I feel is just for me!

Remnant Warriors


Soldiers of fire and zeal
Surrounded with angelic battalions.
Lifting up swords of love drenched steel
Immovable force with hearts of lions.

Steadfast, obedient warriors of justice
Prepared to die for the King of Kings.
Clothed in white, dipped in holy blood sacrifice.
They are called by the Name. Of Jesus they sing.

Each challenge they face they look to God the Father.
They know every victory comes from Him.
What they hear, they shout from the rooftop rafter.
Every Word brings breakthrough; decimates sin.

These are the Remnant, the chosen, the called
Once hidden from view now revealed.
Brave bold sons and daughters of God
His promises in their hearts are sealed.

Rising up full-strength in glorious array,
Challenging the wretched evil of our day.
The hand of God upon them on display
They shout to all: Join us! Come this way!

Listen to their message. Listen to their song.
The Holy Spirit will open your ears and give you eyes to see.
Hear the refreshing message that will make you strong:
Rejoice! The Grace and Mercy of God are free!

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Let the Roar Rise Up

Lion of Judah words
Let the Roar rise up inside you!
Let the Lion of Judah Roar!
Roaring of His kindness and love;
Releasing mercy and grace from Heaven’s door.

Roar this day against prejudice and injustice.
Let your voices of authority be heard in the land.
An uncommon sound of lions shattering the abyss
Releasing peace and salvation as representatives of My Hand.

Take your place with out fear and Roar!
Open your eyes, look around, see the need.
Be My voice of love; with My healing soar;
Releasing the fulfillment of My Word from bended knee.

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
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Deeper. Higher.

Deeper. I want to go much deeper.
Higher, however much higher I can go.
I must know the depths of my soul’s Keeper
And climb the highest hills so I can know.

Know the One who fearfully and wonderfully made me.
Experience the blessed shelter of His wings.
Enter the fearful Presence of His Glory.
Bask in the Holiness of His secret things.

Deeper, I must find the ancient way.
Higher, I must lean on His strength some how.
There’s so much more that awaits every day
Than what I am living right now.

I know there is a road that goes to something new
Lovingly My Lord bids me to come.
There’s obstacles along the way that block my view.
So, to the altar of sacrifice I must run.

Deeper, each time I go back to the cleansing altar.
Higher, the roadway to His heart becomes more clear.
He removes the sins and hurts that cause me to falter.
He fills me with great hope and joyful cheer.

So, I press on seeking His Presence.
I keep my eyes fixed on Him alone.
Day by day I let down my defense.
Soon, I will see the King on His glorious throne.

Deeper, but not yet in death taken out of this world.
Higher. I just know I can enter His Presence here and now.
Jesus paved the way to the Father with His blood.
His disciples follow Him with heads bowed down.

Intensity of love. His fragrance and His touch
Deeper, higher is my, our, heritage.
It’s a place where we become for Him a flaming torch
And enter the glories of His Heaven’s edge.

Face to Face

Delight pours out of heaven to my heart!
Excitement. Enlightenment. Clouds depart, suddenly, I can see!
His arms are wide open. He greets me with a shout!
The Lord is glad that I am His. He laughs and sings over me.

We dance together and we cry together
He takes me in His loving arms.
For endless minutes we smile at each other.
He’s my guard to keep me from all harm.

He’s always there to pick me up.
No matter what I do or say
He eases my broken heart.
He never ever turns me away.

He watches over me each and every day
His glorious wonders to perform
He walks with me and comforts me in my way
He makes sure I am clothed, fed and warm.

I’ve learned that He is proud of me
And in Him I can never fail.
As long as I am humble, on bended knee
He preserves me and works out every detail.

One day as I walk and talk with Him
The cloud of this earth will forever fade away.
We will stand face to face. He will lift my chin.
And, I will look into His eyes clearly on that glorious day!

copyrighted 2009, 2012 Cheryl S Birch – All Rights Reserved

Inquire of the Lord

Boiling, rolling, darkening clouds.
Life suddenly filled with doubts.
Trapped, tossed in the winds, turned round and round.
Can’t find the way to solid ground.

The enemy arrayed in full battle gear
Throwing out insults and words of fear.
Can’t figure out what’s going on.
Then the worst happens; like a bomb.

Take heart. No matter what’s happening or how hard it is
Stop! Take a breathe. Remember you are His.
Inquire of the Lord what it is you should do.
He will pour out wisdom and give an answer to you.

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