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He Smiled


Brilliant path glowing white
Lined with purple flowers
Stunning contrast with the night
The stars were like showers

Is this a dream? I thought
What place am I?
A hand appeared and waved about
Bidding me come nigh Read more…


Whiffs of Beauty


What is that lovely scent,
Blossoms of lemon or orange tree?
No, it’s much more than that;
Enticing, comforting, sweet, free!

The air around me is filled.
It wraps me like a shawl.
Glorious whiffs of beauty
Nothing’s like it at all.

God’s presence in my garden;
The smell of holy incense.
So close I feel I can touch Him
Like I’m resting on His chest.

Oh, what an amazing experience,
To breathe His wondrous perfume.
Joy and Peace overwhelm me;
His Love like drenching dew.

The grass suddenly greener.
The flowers electric hues.
The trees glowing life radiant.
I’m caught in His grandeur.

Too soon the fragrance fades
And the sense of His presence departs.
Now, a normal garden day.
Still, Jesus’ touch lingers in my heart.

Copyright 2014 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved.

I Have Roses for You

rose with dew

I have roses for you.
Here in My Hand are lovely blooms.
The petals are dripping with dew.
The fragrance fills your heart’s rooms.

Soft colors to please your eyes.
Gentle breezes to cool and refresh.
Clouds dancing in crystal blue skies.
Take from My Hand roses of rest.

I have Roses for you from above.
With their fragrant oil you are sealed.
Step into chambers filled with My Love.
Take this gift and be healed.

copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Then I Saw Jesus

Then I saw Jesus
Standing before me
Standing before me with love.

Then I saw Jesus
Standing before me
He has such eyes of love.

Then I saw Jesus
Bearing my pain
Lifting my heavy load.

Then I saw Jesus
Weeping for me
Lifting my heavy load.

Then I saw Jesus
Dressed in pure white
Girded about with gold.

Then I saw Jesus
Radiant with glory
Eyes like flames of fire.

Then I saw Jesus
Seated in Heaven
Clothed in Royal Robes.

Then I saw Jesus
Smiling in heaven
Standing at the Father’s throne.

He bids us come
Into His Presence
He bids us come home.

He bids come home.
Come home.

Listen to the song as the Lord gave it to me at this site:

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch



Wondering mind; can’t concentrate.
Good grief, how’d I ever get this way?
Flitting thoughts, uneasiness; what a state!
Is there no place of rest today?

Try to settle, afghan on my lap.
Bible open and tea on my table.
Deep breath. Closed eyes. Pretended nap.
Suddenly hear: Fear not! In Me you are able.

Eyes open, focus on God’s Holy word.
It says “Be strong and of good courage.”
Peace pours forth from His mighty sword.
Now, I wonder why I had been worried!

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Let GO!

Another conversation with Father God…

Let Go!
NO! I can’t do that, Lord.
Let GO!
No. That can’t be Your Word!

Listen to Me, Child. It’s blocking your way.
NOPE! It stays. Its always been with me.
Let go, Child. Heed what I say.
Uh,uh. No. My God would not take it from me.

Smile shining out of heaven: Child, it’s an idol.
Huh? Me? Idolatry? Never ever!
Then, let go. I told you, it’s blocking your call.
To bless you, sinful idolatry must be severed.

CAN’T DO THAT. CAN’T LET GO. Oh, oh. This can’t be.
If I can’t let go, it’s become a crutch.
I depend on it. Is that idolatry?
Yes, Child. It’s something you won’t let Me touch.

It’s hard to even think about it being gone.
I know, Child, but it’s hurting you.
I’m sick of heart. My body’s failing. I’m afraid. There is no calm.
Let go. Peace and healing will immediately ensue.

That’s enough, just let go?
Yes, Child. Give it all to Me.
Let it all go?
Yes. Everything. Even your family.

Tears. Lots of tears.
Let them go. Don’t try to be “god” to your kin.
You’ve been holding on too tight out of many fears.
Trust Me, your Heavenly Father, to take care of them.

Even this I thought was true? I must stand on my own two feet.
God only helps those who work really hard for Him.
Let go, love and trust Me is all you really need.
You working hard to please Me won’t protect them or get rid of sin.

Let go of the thought you have to work for My love.
I help all those whose hearts are turned toward Me.
Let Me replace that “works idol” with Grace from above.
Freedom comes to my humble children. Ones on bended knee.

I get it! I let go, Lord! No more idolatry!
I repent. Forgive me. Take it all.
Give me Your heart and new eyes to see.
Put me on the path to my highest call.

I forgive you, Child, Now you have My BEST!
As you call upon Me, there’s JOY, but worry none.
You have entered into the place of My Holy Rest.
Trusting in Me relieves the load and even makes life fun.

Why did I hang on to my prideful ways so long?
From now on, I will listen to what you have to say.
Now, I have such gladness and lift my voice in song.
I LOVE YOU, LORD! Thank you for showing me Your WAY.

Victory, sweet Victory, I sing over you.
And, by the way, Child, I really love you too!

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