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My Day; Just Right!


Expectant, excite
Warmth, Light.

Expansive, bright.
Soft, white height.

Blessed, delight
Joy, colorful kite.

Picnic, fun night.
Glorious flight.

Power, Might.
Love, holds me tight.

Peaceful, night.
Savior, everything’s all right.

copyright 2012 Cheryl S Bircn


A Pepper Festival


Could the red be any more brilliant?
Or, the orange more clear and true?
Russet tones mixed with vermillion
Amber tips on yellow with hint of dew.

Darkest depths of shiney forest green
Surrounded by a myriad of emerald leaves.
Royal shades of eggplant and plum are seen.
A breeze moves the stalks in a wave like the seas.

Ordinary pepper plants have become a festival
Like strings of colored lights aglow.
One can only see this radiant display in the fall
When God’s hand paints the Autumn rainbow.


Walk circumspect as a child of the Light.
Shun fascination with the things of the night.
Celebration of dark ugly wickedness, grotesque evil,
Serves only to give more power to the devil.

Monsters, witches, faces of skeletal death
Unholy shedding of blood, grinning Zombie mirth,
Makes for goosebumps and short-lived shocking thrills
That vanquish joy, peace and love in sinister chills.

No true child of God, who loves Jesus as Lord,
Can rightly entertain such evil or vampires adore.
This year, if you have not already, take a stand. Be brave. Be Holy.
Redeem the day and with your choice; give God glory.

Choose to step out of cultural tradition and pressure.
Share and rejoice over God’s goodness full measure.
Replace carnivals and costumed death-based parties
With rejoicing over His abundant Life, Grace and Mercies.

Tell others that you are one who celebrates Life
And you’ve chosen a life-giving walk over death and strife.
Spread the news of God’s refreshing and healing love.
Cast aside all semblance of evil and walk fully in the Son.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
There is no reward ever found in the wages of sin.
Choosing life over death and turning away from evil
Is a sign that that you’re ready to walk in REVIVAL!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch – all rights reserved

Inquire of the Lord

Boiling, rolling, darkening clouds.
Life suddenly filled with doubts.
Trapped, tossed in the winds, turned round and round.
Can’t find the way to solid ground.

The enemy arrayed in full battle gear
Throwing out insults and words of fear.
Can’t figure out what’s going on.
Then the worst happens; like a bomb.

Take heart. No matter what’s happening or how hard it is
Stop! Take a breathe. Remember you are His.
Inquire of the Lord what it is you should do.
He will pour out wisdom and give an answer to you.

Let GO!

Another conversation with Father God…

Let Go!
NO! I can’t do that, Lord.
Let GO!
No. That can’t be Your Word!

Listen to Me, Child. It’s blocking your way.
NOPE! It stays. Its always been with me.
Let go, Child. Heed what I say.
Uh,uh. No. My God would not take it from me.

Smile shining out of heaven: Child, it’s an idol.
Huh? Me? Idolatry? Never ever!
Then, let go. I told you, it’s blocking your call.
To bless you, sinful idolatry must be severed.

CAN’T DO THAT. CAN’T LET GO. Oh, oh. This can’t be.
If I can’t let go, it’s become a crutch.
I depend on it. Is that idolatry?
Yes, Child. It’s something you won’t let Me touch.

It’s hard to even think about it being gone.
I know, Child, but it’s hurting you.
I’m sick of heart. My body’s failing. I’m afraid. There is no calm.
Let go. Peace and healing will immediately ensue.

That’s enough, just let go?
Yes, Child. Give it all to Me.
Let it all go?
Yes. Everything. Even your family.

Tears. Lots of tears.
Let them go. Don’t try to be “god” to your kin.
You’ve been holding on too tight out of many fears.
Trust Me, your Heavenly Father, to take care of them.

Even this I thought was true? I must stand on my own two feet.
God only helps those who work really hard for Him.
Let go, love and trust Me is all you really need.
You working hard to please Me won’t protect them or get rid of sin.

Let go of the thought you have to work for My love.
I help all those whose hearts are turned toward Me.
Let Me replace that “works idol” with Grace from above.
Freedom comes to my humble children. Ones on bended knee.

I get it! I let go, Lord! No more idolatry!
I repent. Forgive me. Take it all.
Give me Your heart and new eyes to see.
Put me on the path to my highest call.

I forgive you, Child, Now you have My BEST!
As you call upon Me, there’s JOY, but worry none.
You have entered into the place of My Holy Rest.
Trusting in Me relieves the load and even makes life fun.

Why did I hang on to my prideful ways so long?
From now on, I will listen to what you have to say.
Now, I have such gladness and lift my voice in song.
I LOVE YOU, LORD! Thank you for showing me Your WAY.

Victory, sweet Victory, I sing over you.
And, by the way, Child, I really love you too!

But Lord!

A Conversation with Father God…

I’ve called you to go and share the Good News of My Son
See that person over there? Talk to them till I say done.

But Lord, I don’t know what to say to them.
Just trust me, Child. Hang on to My hem.

What if I say the very most wrong thing?
Who is in your heart? Is it not to ME you sing?
Yes Lord, But, that’s different than talking to men.
Just trust Me, Child. Hang on to My hem.

But Lord, what is it I will say?
Simply open your mouth wide. I’ll fill it right away.
But Lord, I’m not a very good speaker
And I haven’t any training to be a good teacher.

Moses and Jeremiah said the same thing to Me.
My answer is still the same. I’ll fill your mouth. You’ll see.

But Lord, I am afraid that I will mess up and fail.
Now, we’re getting some where! Child, let’s break out of that jail.
There is only failure if you refuse to speak or obey me.
Trusting Me to give you what you need will set you free!

But Lord, what if I say something not so elequent?
Will You still bless me with favor as the one you’ve sent?
My love for you is unwavering. I’ll never let you lack.
My great joy is to see My Children not hold back.

Fear of failure and of men is nothing more than pride.
You’re afraid to look bad in their eyes, so you hide.
Where is your reverential fear and love of Me?
Put Me first and all that prideful fear will flee.

OH! Woe is me! Forgive me, Lord. It’s You I want to please.
Give me holy boldness. Let Your Love flow through me.
No more “But Lords.” I will put my trust in You.
I’m ready to open my mouth and speak to many or to few.

Fill my mouth with Your Words despite my trepidation.
I will go forth and tell of your love and salvation.
No more will I hold back speaking of Jesus, Your Son.
I am blessed to tell them all that He is the One.

Bless you, Child! You are forgiven and made new.
And by the way, I Am so proud of you!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Pride and Self Reliance

No more self-reliance for me.
It gets me stressed and absolutely nowhere I want to be.
I think the ideas and plans I have are good and blessed.
Forgot to ask God about them first, so I missed His best.

He told me in prayer: “Don’t wear a crown of pride upon your head.
Take on the robe of humility instead.”
For there is glorious beauty bestowed by the Lord
On those who yield to His ways and with their love He is adored.

For Your remnant, Lord, there is strength in this battle.
But, the one drunk on pride You will surely rattle.
Out of Your great Love for us You make sure we are corrected
All the while we are never ever rejected.

You will shake a prideful one only until they let go
And Your Marvelous Ways become their own.
Then we can declare: You are, O Lord, my crown of glory
Your diadem of humble beauty is now my story.

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Butterfly Sensation

Flutter! Caught my eye. From pink to purple and back again.
The Lantana called to the newly hatched butterfly.
Brilliant yellow, ebony stripes, each side the same.
Hanging upside down in the sun, then trying for the sky.

Nope. Not yet. First solo flight a quick up then down.
More hanging ’round the purple puffs for a time.
Flit side to side, short hop to a red crown,
Dive bomb the cat, then fly away. Turn on a dime.

Resting on a branch of flowers tossed in the wind.
Flapping wings. Going no where fast – then ZOOM.
Soaring, swirling, flying high to a tree limb
Suddenly swooping toward the blue, back to branch in bloom.

Then up,up, up! One final round-about her birthing home
For a moment hovering before our faces.
Winging strongly overhead she bravely starts to roam,
Glowing golden, darts about, then on to unknown places.

Never ceases to amaze me the beauty of God’s creation.
How sitting quiet in His arms makes butterflies a sensation!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Draw Close

The Father of Lights above only gives us good good things.
He loves it when His gifts make His children sing.
There is never any shadow of turning in Him.
He loves us through and through, even when we sin.

“Draw close to Me!” Is His daily call.
He waits on us, patiently, to give Him our all.
Busy-Busy-Busy; distracted by our lives.
Too much to do. Appointments today. Partying for some highs.

The day is gone, “G’night Lord.” Drift away in sleep.
Rush-Rush-Rush; get up next day. Ignore Him on repeat.
Stressed. Frantic! Worried. “My life is such a mess!”
“Why did You let this happen, God? I expected Your best.”

Smile. Gentle touch from heaven. Father’s ear is ours.
“Complain away precious child. We’ll talk when you calm down.”
Exhausted. Sick and tired. Collapsed in defeat.
“Please help me, Father God. I see, it’s You that I need.”

“If you had only come to Me for some daily rest.
I would have given you advice to avoid this awful mess.
My Spirit called to you every day a little louder.
None-the-less, with prayer you couldn’t be bothered.

You thought you could push through and do life on your own.
You forgot the truth that heaven is your primary home.
Daily heaven visits in My arms is what you really need.
My Son, Jesus, has paved the way. His blood I always heed.

In life there are many trials, challenges and tests.
Don’t walk through it all in your own strengths.
Come to Me, your Father, and sit upon My knee.
Lean upon Me, dear one, there My plan you will see.

My plan is to prosper you; help you to acheive your destiny.
I will breathe life into you and expand your capacity.
The way to Me is simple; come repentant and humble.
I’ll give you wonderful gifts of love in exchange for life’s trouble.”


The adversary pierced me with dart.
It got past my armor and hit my heart.
Shocked. Surprised! I never saw it coming.
First reaction: take off running.

But, there’s One who knows the depth of my pain.
Jesus is there when life is only rain.
He holds me tight and helps me to walk.
He listens intently when I need to talk.

“This will pass,” He whispered in my ear.
“I’ll carry you through. I Am always near.”
Though it seemed the pain would never cease,
The sense of His love was on the increase.

Suddenly, the rain clouds began to depart.
Healing from heaven poured into my heart.
The wound that seemed like it would never heal
Is now like a dream; no longer real.

All pain has vanished in the Presence of the Son.
Joy and peace from His Spirit has come.
Now, I wonder why I ever got so down
When the truth was Jesus had it taken care of all along!

copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

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