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Sitting at the Feet of God


Sitting at the feet of God
Wondering does He see me?
Sitting at the feet of God
Wondering does He hear me?

Somewhere along the way of life’s sea
I got an image of Him as angry and mad
That if I did anything wrong He’d smite me.
Only perfect people could call Him Dad.

Then I read He’s Good, Gracious, Merciful
That to those who diligently seek Him He gives reward.
He’s powerful yet gentle, He’s holy yet approachable.
Then I saw Him bid me to come forward.

Smiling, God was smiling at me!
He poured out of His heart rivers of love.
“Come, Child! Sit upon My knee!”
Peace and joy radiated as sun shining above.

Decided right then to stop doubting Him
And begin believing He sees me instead.
Decided to stop wondering about Him
And start receiving His answers instead.

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


Mighty Army of Valor

Fire under their feet; flames in their hearts
Announcing the Lord of Lords glorious ways and plans.
Shouts spring forth: How Great Thou Art!
The Army of God spreading His love in all lands.

Marching feet, hands weilding truth drenched swords,
Faces radiant with abounding joy and grace.
Upon their chest: righteousness; each chanting healing words.
They’re rising as one person, keeping perfect pace.

Bursting forth in the midst of great darkness
Their hope and faith pave the road to a new day.
Garments dipped in Holy Blood, dripping with steadfastness,
Humble and contrite hearts show forth the victorious way.

Brilliant Light radiates ’round about this sanctified troop
That streams forth from a cross shaped heavenly door.
Steadily they make their way taking ground foot by foot.
Miracles, signs and wonders flow as renewed hearts soar.

Salvation! Deliverance! Freedom is their battle cry.
Transformation, Reformation is the song that they sing.
Mighty army of valor, ready even, for lost souls sake, to die.
Listen to their lionhearted roar: Follow us! We’re going to see the KING!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch – All rights reserved

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