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Your Mind, Your Heart

bow to Jesus

Give me Your Mind,
Your Heart
For me to see.

Give me Your Mind,
Your Heart
For me to hear.

Give me Your Mind,
Your Heart
For me to feel.

Give me Your Mind,
Your Heart
For me to live.

Give Me Your Mind,
Your Heart…
More YOU, less me.

Copyrighted 2014 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved.




Garden chair
Cat napping.

Warm sun
Lovely blanket.

Like a scarf
Falls cross my neck

Head to toe

Shoulders drenched
Getting hot, cool breeze
Soothing rays

Today reminds me
Reminds me of my God
His love
His love is like the sun.

God’s Grace Alone


Everyday I see more and more
My great need for God’s grace alone.
I need Him far above anything else.
He’s worth every sacrifice of self.

His Presence is everything there is.
We fool ourselves when we rely on our biz.
I’m setting aside my agenda for His plan.
All want is to rest in His loving Hand.

copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Selfless Place


How do I get out of my own way?
God has promised me so much.
I believe everything He has to say.
Yet, His amazing power I have yet to touch.

Salvation, healing, and deliverance flow.
My faith is high and His mercy is sure.
Still, there is a place that I long to go
Where I’ve stepped aside and His Presence is pure.

Take me, O Lord, to that selfless place.
Whatever it takes, I want to get there.
Total reliance on your love and grace
So that people know You’re alive and care!

copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Prayer Flight


I love the quiet of the morning
And the late late hours of night.
A time with my God I am soaring.
He takes me in prayer to glorious height.

Moments I can see His Kingdom –
Expansive! Magnificent! So Bright!
Gentle touches out of heaven,
Healing my heart, enriching my sight.

No other can compare to Him.
He’s perfect, just, and right.
His beauty makes this world dim.
All around Him glowing light.

I want to fly in prayer all night
But, I am whisked away by sleep
Or, noises put up distracting fight
That shorten my joyous treat.

Still, I know next quiet time,
I have an appointment; kept with delight:
A prayer flight in glory sublime
With my Father God I will unite.

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Refreshing Garden Reflection


Branches perform ballet then hip-hop.
Trees raucously clap their hands.
Glorious wonders never stop.
God’s grace blessing my land.

Angelic hosts of scattered clouds
Drift quietly across the blue.
Peppers sway in scarlet shrouds
Against a deep green hue.

Fall flowers waltz in windy rhythm.
Shrubs put on a burgundy coat.
Birds sing a spirited anthem.
Bees buzzing a delightful note.

His Spirit reaches out to mine
As I delight in a brand new day.
Refreshing touch from heaven’s wine
Joins the sun’s bright ray.

My heart is bursting; overflow!
Such joyful all consuming sensation.
My Lord, my God, You are Beautiful!
Reflected in Your creation.

copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S.Birch
All rights reserved.

Garden Watch


Beautiful sea of blue, blue sky;
Not a cloud in sight.
Legion of aging trees standing by.
Crisscross pattern of leafy shadows fight.

My toes are warmed by the golden sun
While I lazily rest in the shade.
Noisy birds on the run.
Swarm of tiny flies invade.

Wave of my hand sends the flies away.
Peace returns to my shade.
Dry leaves dance in crazy disarray
Under a bush of dark green and jade.

Lavender buds bouncing; a butterfly delight.
Pool water sparkling reflecting the sun.
Dragon fly soars to dizzying height-
Two more join in zig zagging fun.

Never a boring moment on my Garden Watch.
Each day I’m thoroughly entertained.
From my heart springs up “How great thou art!”
My joy in God’s creation can’t be contained!

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S. Birch
All Rights Reserved

Garden Symphony


Distant laughter.
Cat’s plaintiff cry
Bird song. Bee’s buzz.
Rustling of trees near by.

Faint sounds of traffic.
A truck? A bus?
Something in the wind slapping.
Crow making a fuss.

Quiet for a moment.
Sudden loud roar.
Helicopter overhead.
Rush of wind slams a door.

Upset dog barking.
Whoosh, dive bombing fly.
Flowers moving softly.
Geese honking in the sky.

Hum of machinery.
Child happily singing.
Dried leaf skidding on concrete.
Old branches creaking.

The joys of my garden.
The sounds of life.
A shelter of peace,
Retreat from strife.

Thank you, My God, for this joyous symphony.
I feel like You made it just for me!

copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved

Crystal Sea


Floating in a crystal sea
My God and me, my God and me!
No worries or cares, I am free.
Wonderful joy in the crystal sea.

Laughing, jumping, splashing in Grace.
I see His face! I see His face!
Glory billows like delicate lace.
Overwhelming love, splashing in Grace.

Quiet awe, hush; my heart aglow
He floods my soul, holiness floods my soul.
His touch vanquishes all pain and woe.
Peace astounding! My heart aglow!

Floating in a crystal sea
My God and me, my God and me.
There is no other, Jesus is the key!
His Heart is my crystal sea.

Smiling up at God


Eternity unfolded..
Shock! Awe! Overwhelmed. Fright.
Majestic waves – Golden.
Brilliant splashing Light.

No bottom.
No top.
No end.
No beginning.

Forever rushed by.
Peace flowed; steady River.
Wondered, “Where am I?”
Then I saw the Giver.


Collapsed before Him —
My heart stopped beating.
Love’s touch. Life rushed in!
Breath of God – Healing.

Mercy, no fear!

Not sure from where,
Loud noise sounded.
Suddenly felt my chair.
Sat there — simply astounded.

Garden breeze.
Smiling up at God.

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

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