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Rain or Fair?

Gunmetal Clouds

Rain or fair?
Gunmetal clouds
Thick air
Intermittent sun

No breeze at all
Sudden gust
Hot then cool
Birds fuss

Tall trees dance
Chimes sound
Should I go in
Or, stick in out?

Quiet again
Clouds moving fast
Quite a show
Looking west

Suddenly warm
Storm passed by
No more alarm
Clearing sky

Each day special
God’s hand creates
Beautiful treasures
In my garden retreat

Copyright 2014 Cheryl S Birch
All right reserved

Rolling Hill

Shock of Purple

Rolling hill
Jagged rocks
Emerald green
Sandy spots

Shock of purple
Flowers abounding
Electric yellow
Orange surrounding

Dark green shadows
Mossy ledges
Blackened boulders
Scruffy hedges

Wind sculpted oaks
Branches waving
Meadow in distance
Beauty amazing

Creation of God
Such joy to behold
Peace floods my soul
More precious than gold

copyrighted 2014 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

By the River

1176280_10151930489236036_1135813638_n (2)
Rushing water
Sparkling cascade
Clapping, laughing
Dancing in white

Rollercoaster ride
Crashing over rocks
Wet shiny boulders
Glistening black

Swirling, foaming
Suddenly calm
Rivulets waltzing
Reflecting the sun

Washing the bank
Ebbing, flowing
Stick floating by
Leaf joining

Clear like crystal
Pebbles galore
Sharp jagged edges
Minnows explore

Glorious morning
Musical waters
A bit of heaven
Gift of the Father.

copyright 2014 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved

I Give Up Lord


Doing it my own way,
Mantra of our present day,
Surely hasn’t worked for me;
Messes up life; causes calamity.

Even from some church leaders mouths
Got advice that’s not always sound.
Steps 1 through 7 rarely work,
Feel good programs produce no fruit.

Went to seminars and classes galore
They help some, but I always want more.
None of it produces more love or power.
There’s something wrong; no Holy Ghost shower.

Then I read John chapter six.
The people wanted a “their way” fix.
Jesus said NO to religious effort by men.
Want miracles? Know, Believe, the One the Father sent.

Oh Wow! I give up, Lord!
Humbly I lean on Your Word.
Bowing down, receiving mercy.
Not my strength, but YOURS eternally!

That’s how love and power flows
Seeking Him and all He knows.
Resting in His arms by faith.
Doing life in amazing grace!

Copyrighted 2014 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Refreshing Garden Reflection


Branches perform ballet then hip-hop.
Trees raucously clap their hands.
Glorious wonders never stop.
God’s grace blessing my land.

Angelic hosts of scattered clouds
Drift quietly across the blue.
Peppers sway in scarlet shrouds
Against a deep green hue.

Fall flowers waltz in windy rhythm.
Shrubs put on a burgundy coat.
Birds sing a spirited anthem.
Bees buzzing a delightful note.

His Spirit reaches out to mine
As I delight in a brand new day.
Refreshing touch from heaven’s wine
Joins the sun’s bright ray.

My heart is bursting; overflow!
Such joyful all consuming sensation.
My Lord, my God, You are Beautiful!
Reflected in Your creation.

copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S.Birch
All rights reserved.

Garden Watch


Beautiful sea of blue, blue sky;
Not a cloud in sight.
Legion of aging trees standing by.
Crisscross pattern of leafy shadows fight.

My toes are warmed by the golden sun
While I lazily rest in the shade.
Noisy birds on the run.
Swarm of tiny flies invade.

Wave of my hand sends the flies away.
Peace returns to my shade.
Dry leaves dance in crazy disarray
Under a bush of dark green and jade.

Lavender buds bouncing; a butterfly delight.
Pool water sparkling reflecting the sun.
Dragon fly soars to dizzying height-
Two more join in zig zagging fun.

Never a boring moment on my Garden Watch.
Each day I’m thoroughly entertained.
From my heart springs up “How great thou art!”
My joy in God’s creation can’t be contained!

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S. Birch
All Rights Reserved

The Wind


Warm all over.
Sitting in the sun.
Wispy breeze blowing
Gently moves my hair.

Unseen fingers brush my face
Right, then left, then gone.
Momentary whipping wind
Cooling head to toe.

Silken tapping on my arms,
Then stillness…
Nothing at all.
Surprise! Gusty joy! Gone again…

Stirring of the tops of trees.
Expectation in my heart.
But, nothing touches me.
Sudden quietness and peace.

Steady, now its steady
Strong, cold, bold.
Shivers, goosebumps down my back.
Lovely refreshing stream.

Now become a lacy shawl across my shoulders.
I’m resting in a calming wash.
My God I thank you for the symphony of wind
Such a beautiful reflection of Thee.

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Garden Symphony


Distant laughter.
Cat’s plaintiff cry
Bird song. Bee’s buzz.
Rustling of trees near by.

Faint sounds of traffic.
A truck? A bus?
Something in the wind slapping.
Crow making a fuss.

Quiet for a moment.
Sudden loud roar.
Helicopter overhead.
Rush of wind slams a door.

Upset dog barking.
Whoosh, dive bombing fly.
Flowers moving softly.
Geese honking in the sky.

Hum of machinery.
Child happily singing.
Dried leaf skidding on concrete.
Old branches creaking.

The joys of my garden.
The sounds of life.
A shelter of peace,
Retreat from strife.

Thank you, My God, for this joyous symphony.
I feel like You made it just for me!

copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch
all rights reserved


The glorious scenery of Milford Sound

No, lovelier than that.
Roses, or…
Maybe, delicate lace?

Sweet fragrance.
Sparkling dew upon the grass.

Cloud wisps;
Perfect white.
No. Lovelier!
Perhaps clear blue sky.

Intricate snowflakes;
A blanket of frosty ice.
Lovelier than even that.
Pristine lake?

Sunset, sunrise.
Majestic mountains.
Hills emerald green.

Clear eyes of a child;
The smile of a babe.
But, not that.

Hard to describe the thought of God.
Holy purity.
His beauty and majesty.
His grace toward me.

His goodness.
His face.
His touch…

copyright 2013 Cheryl S. Birch

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