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He’s my Everything


He’s my brother
He’s my friend
He’s my Savior
He’s my Lord
He’s my Father
He’s my counselor
He’s my wisdom
He’s my guide
He’s my protector
He’s my defender
He’s my healer
He’s my provider
He’s my joy
He’s my peace
He’s my righteousness
He’s my shelter
Pours out His Spirit
Pours out His Love
He’s my Jesus
He’s my everything
He’s all I’ll ever need.

Copyright Cheryl S Birch

Such Treasure as This

To God be the glory 1024x768

Cascading billows of glory washing over me
Intensly changing the core of my being.
No longer bound by the world I see
It’s my heavenly home that has solid meaning.

Wisps of joy, wonders abounding, sensations of adoration.
Peace mounting up guarding my soul,
The presence of God, royal proclamation,
His unending love that makes me whole.

Blessed mercies, loving kindness brush my cheek.
All fear, shame and condemnation vanish.
Everything I need is in this One I seek.
Grace, grace abounding such treasure is this.

No other can send my spirit soaring
Or calm my wondering fearful heart.
To Him all honor and praise resounding.
I am His, He is mine; from Him I will never part.

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Beauty of His Holiness

Glorious sea

In the beauty of His Holiness I find rest for my soul.
In the beauty of His Holiness I find joy that gives me strength.
In the beauty of His Holiness I find love that heals my heart.
In the beauty of His Holiness I find peace that makes me whole.

His beauty is beyond description as it washes over me.
His beauty is like an ocean, a glorious magnificent sea.

copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Deeper. Higher.

Deeper. I want to go much deeper.
Higher, however much higher I can go.
I must know the depths of my soul’s Keeper
And climb the highest hills so I can know.

Know the One who fearfully and wonderfully made me.
Experience the blessed shelter of His wings.
Enter the fearful Presence of His Glory.
Bask in the Holiness of His secret things.

Deeper, I must find the ancient way.
Higher, I must lean on His strength some how.
There’s so much more that awaits every day
Than what I am living right now.

I know there is a road that goes to something new
Lovingly My Lord bids me to come.
There’s obstacles along the way that block my view.
So, to the altar of sacrifice I must run.

Deeper, each time I go back to the cleansing altar.
Higher, the roadway to His heart becomes more clear.
He removes the sins and hurts that cause me to falter.
He fills me with great hope and joyful cheer.

So, I press on seeking His Presence.
I keep my eyes fixed on Him alone.
Day by day I let down my defense.
Soon, I will see the King on His glorious throne.

Deeper, but not yet in death taken out of this world.
Higher. I just know I can enter His Presence here and now.
Jesus paved the way to the Father with His blood.
His disciples follow Him with heads bowed down.

Intensity of love. His fragrance and His touch
Deeper, higher is my, our, heritage.
It’s a place where we become for Him a flaming torch
And enter the glories of His Heaven’s edge.

Face to Face

Delight pours out of heaven to my heart!
Excitement. Enlightenment. Clouds depart, suddenly, I can see!
His arms are wide open. He greets me with a shout!
The Lord is glad that I am His. He laughs and sings over me.

We dance together and we cry together
He takes me in His loving arms.
For endless minutes we smile at each other.
He’s my guard to keep me from all harm.

He’s always there to pick me up.
No matter what I do or say
He eases my broken heart.
He never ever turns me away.

He watches over me each and every day
His glorious wonders to perform
He walks with me and comforts me in my way
He makes sure I am clothed, fed and warm.

I’ve learned that He is proud of me
And in Him I can never fail.
As long as I am humble, on bended knee
He preserves me and works out every detail.

One day as I walk and talk with Him
The cloud of this earth will forever fade away.
We will stand face to face. He will lift my chin.
And, I will look into His eyes clearly on that glorious day!

copyrighted 2009, 2012 Cheryl S Birch – All Rights Reserved

I Yield…a prayer

No matter how much loss I fear, I yield.
I yield to Your greater plan for me, my Lord.
It is sometimes hard to remember you are my Shield.
But, You are! And, You lift every heavy load.

No matter what others think of me, I yield.
I yield to your perfect ways, my Lord.
Even if friends and family say I’m far afield
Your voice I will follow. You are my Shepherd.

I yield because You loved me first.
I yield because You are my all and all.
I yield because after You alone I thirst.
I yield because you will never let me fall.

In obedience and great sacrifice Your treasures are found.
Humbly yielding is pavement for your Holy Highway.
It is only in my submission will Your glory abound
And I can walk in the fullness of Your Presence every day.

a prayer poem by Rev Cheryl S Birch
Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch – all rights reserved

To Know…


To walk in the cool of evening
Clothed in glorious grace.
In a perfect place of abiding
Priviledged to meet face to face.

To soak in cascades of love endless
Basking in heaven on earth overflow.
Every burden becoming weightless;
Vanquished by His cleansing glow.

To know the heart of the One that made me
Dwelling in the very center of Him.
Hearing His thoughts in wondrous unity.
Sharing tender secrets; shutting out worldly din.

To know His majesty. To experience His might.
Consumed by His passion, not daily cares.
Overwhelmed. Possessed. Standing in His Light.
Nothing of this world compares!

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

Sweet Exposure

It is sometimes difficult to get free of religion’s hold
And enter into the place with God of intense loving relationship;
Experiencing freedom and joy that is like pure gold.
But, the Spirit knows the way to the blessed fullness of Sonship.

The way is paved with circustance and difficulty
Challenges and tests that must be patiently embraced.
All designed to expose selfish pride and carnality
So that repentance results and sin is erased.

This path is often painful as it exposes our heart.
What is found inside of us can be disconcerting.
Yet, the way to fullness of Glory is that very dart
Designed to excise all that is God-opposing.

No one relishes times of walking in great suffering.
Every anointed child of God will travel that precious road.
For it is a contrite heart that is an acceptable offering
To the Most High God who knows how our life will unfold.

Be encourage if your life has taken a difficult turn.
This thorn will be used to cleanse your very soul.
Pick up your cross and follow after Jesus; from Him learn
Knowing that you are fulfilling your highest role.

You are to be completely emptied of yourself
Then filled again with Him alone in overflow.
The only way to know what’s hidden on heart’s shelf
Is to walk the path of the Blood’s brilliant glow.

Sweet exposure in the midst of great trial
Exposure of our contrary nature
Paves the way to live in relams that are higher
And to be His loving hands that tranform our culture.

Only through our personal conformation to His image
Can our cities and regions be transformed.
As we are changed to be like His visage
All that is around us with Him will be adorned.

Jesus, Jesus let us be molded and made new.
Jesus, Jesus let there be less of us and more of You!

Let GO!

Another conversation with Father God…

Let Go!
NO! I can’t do that, Lord.
Let GO!
No. That can’t be Your Word!

Listen to Me, Child. It’s blocking your way.
NOPE! It stays. Its always been with me.
Let go, Child. Heed what I say.
Uh,uh. No. My God would not take it from me.

Smile shining out of heaven: Child, it’s an idol.
Huh? Me? Idolatry? Never ever!
Then, let go. I told you, it’s blocking your call.
To bless you, sinful idolatry must be severed.

CAN’T DO THAT. CAN’T LET GO. Oh, oh. This can’t be.
If I can’t let go, it’s become a crutch.
I depend on it. Is that idolatry?
Yes, Child. It’s something you won’t let Me touch.

It’s hard to even think about it being gone.
I know, Child, but it’s hurting you.
I’m sick of heart. My body’s failing. I’m afraid. There is no calm.
Let go. Peace and healing will immediately ensue.

That’s enough, just let go?
Yes, Child. Give it all to Me.
Let it all go?
Yes. Everything. Even your family.

Tears. Lots of tears.
Let them go. Don’t try to be “god” to your kin.
You’ve been holding on too tight out of many fears.
Trust Me, your Heavenly Father, to take care of them.

Even this I thought was true? I must stand on my own two feet.
God only helps those who work really hard for Him.
Let go, love and trust Me is all you really need.
You working hard to please Me won’t protect them or get rid of sin.

Let go of the thought you have to work for My love.
I help all those whose hearts are turned toward Me.
Let Me replace that “works idol” with Grace from above.
Freedom comes to my humble children. Ones on bended knee.

I get it! I let go, Lord! No more idolatry!
I repent. Forgive me. Take it all.
Give me Your heart and new eyes to see.
Put me on the path to my highest call.

I forgive you, Child, Now you have My BEST!
As you call upon Me, there’s JOY, but worry none.
You have entered into the place of My Holy Rest.
Trusting in Me relieves the load and even makes life fun.

Why did I hang on to my prideful ways so long?
From now on, I will listen to what you have to say.
Now, I have such gladness and lift my voice in song.
I LOVE YOU, LORD! Thank you for showing me Your WAY.

Victory, sweet Victory, I sing over you.
And, by the way, Child, I really love you too!

But Lord!

A Conversation with Father God…

I’ve called you to go and share the Good News of My Son
See that person over there? Talk to them till I say done.

But Lord, I don’t know what to say to them.
Just trust me, Child. Hang on to My hem.

What if I say the very most wrong thing?
Who is in your heart? Is it not to ME you sing?
Yes Lord, But, that’s different than talking to men.
Just trust Me, Child. Hang on to My hem.

But Lord, what is it I will say?
Simply open your mouth wide. I’ll fill it right away.
But Lord, I’m not a very good speaker
And I haven’t any training to be a good teacher.

Moses and Jeremiah said the same thing to Me.
My answer is still the same. I’ll fill your mouth. You’ll see.

But Lord, I am afraid that I will mess up and fail.
Now, we’re getting some where! Child, let’s break out of that jail.
There is only failure if you refuse to speak or obey me.
Trusting Me to give you what you need will set you free!

But Lord, what if I say something not so elequent?
Will You still bless me with favor as the one you’ve sent?
My love for you is unwavering. I’ll never let you lack.
My great joy is to see My Children not hold back.

Fear of failure and of men is nothing more than pride.
You’re afraid to look bad in their eyes, so you hide.
Where is your reverential fear and love of Me?
Put Me first and all that prideful fear will flee.

OH! Woe is me! Forgive me, Lord. It’s You I want to please.
Give me holy boldness. Let Your Love flow through me.
No more “But Lords.” I will put my trust in You.
I’m ready to open my mouth and speak to many or to few.

Fill my mouth with Your Words despite my trepidation.
I will go forth and tell of your love and salvation.
No more will I hold back speaking of Jesus, Your Son.
I am blessed to tell them all that He is the One.

Bless you, Child! You are forgiven and made new.
And by the way, I Am so proud of you!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

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