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New Prophetic Insights

Check out Notes From Heaven. I just posted two new prophetic insights.

Sitting at the Feet of God


Sitting at the feet of God
Wondering does He see me?
Sitting at the feet of God
Wondering does He hear me?

Somewhere along the way of life’s sea
I got an image of Him as angry and mad
That if I did anything wrong He’d smite me.
Only perfect people could call Him Dad.

Then I read He’s Good, Gracious, Merciful
That to those who diligently seek Him He gives reward.
He’s powerful yet gentle, He’s holy yet approachable.
Then I saw Him bid me to come forward.

Smiling, God was smiling at me!
He poured out of His heart rivers of love.
“Come, Child! Sit upon My knee!”
Peace and joy radiated as sun shining above.

Decided right then to stop doubting Him
And begin believing He sees me instead.
Decided to stop wondering about Him
And start receiving His answers instead.

Copyrighted 2013 Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved


Then I Saw Jesus

Then I saw Jesus
Standing before me
Standing before me with love.

Then I saw Jesus
Standing before me
He has such eyes of love.

Then I saw Jesus
Bearing my pain
Lifting my heavy load.

Then I saw Jesus
Weeping for me
Lifting my heavy load.

Then I saw Jesus
Dressed in pure white
Girded about with gold.

Then I saw Jesus
Radiant with glory
Eyes like flames of fire.

Then I saw Jesus
Seated in Heaven
Clothed in Royal Robes.

Then I saw Jesus
Smiling in heaven
Standing at the Father’s throne.

He bids us come
Into His Presence
He bids us come home.

He bids come home.
Come home.

Listen to the song as the Lord gave it to me at this site:

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Triumphant JOY!


I heard the Father Speak to my heart:

Triumphant Joy! Unspeakable and full of glory
Is My son’s and daughter’s amazing strength story!
Though darkness and wickedness in the world abounds
Rejoicing in the hearts of My saints resounds.

They’re citizens of a heavenly home.
They see with eyes that from Me never roam.
They hear with ears fixed upon My voice.
They have gladness of heart for I AM their choice.

They’ve traded ashes for beauty and grief for holy mirth.
They continually build My Kingdom of eternal worth.
No matter the tragic things people experience or do
They have hope in their heart to share with you.

This glorious joy pours out of supernatural places.
It warms hearts like the glow of happy children’s faces.
It’s knowing that even in dire circumstance victory can be won.
It pours forth from the perfect heart of My only Son.

Triumphant Joy! Unspeakable and full of glory.
This is the promise of Messiah, Jesus’, story.

Copyright 2013 Cheryl S Birch

Mighty Army of Valor

Fire under their feet; flames in their hearts
Announcing the Lord of Lords glorious ways and plans.
Shouts spring forth: How Great Thou Art!
The Army of God spreading His love in all lands.

Marching feet, hands weilding truth drenched swords,
Faces radiant with abounding joy and grace.
Upon their chest: righteousness; each chanting healing words.
They’re rising as one person, keeping perfect pace.

Bursting forth in the midst of great darkness
Their hope and faith pave the road to a new day.
Garments dipped in Holy Blood, dripping with steadfastness,
Humble and contrite hearts show forth the victorious way.

Brilliant Light radiates ’round about this sanctified troop
That streams forth from a cross shaped heavenly door.
Steadily they make their way taking ground foot by foot.
Miracles, signs and wonders flow as renewed hearts soar.

Salvation! Deliverance! Freedom is their battle cry.
Transformation, Reformation is the song that they sing.
Mighty army of valor, ready even, for lost souls sake, to die.
Listen to their lionhearted roar: Follow us! We’re going to see the KING!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch – All rights reserved

Let the Roar Rise Up

Lion of Judah words
Let the Roar rise up inside you!
Let the Lion of Judah Roar!
Roaring of His kindness and love;
Releasing mercy and grace from Heaven’s door.

Roar this day against prejudice and injustice.
Let your voices of authority be heard in the land.
An uncommon sound of lions shattering the abyss
Releasing peace and salvation as representatives of My Hand.

Take your place with out fear and Roar!
Open your eyes, look around, see the need.
Be My voice of love; with My healing soar;
Releasing the fulfillment of My Word from bended knee.

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
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Deeper. Higher.

Deeper. I want to go much deeper.
Higher, however much higher I can go.
I must know the depths of my soul’s Keeper
And climb the highest hills so I can know.

Know the One who fearfully and wonderfully made me.
Experience the blessed shelter of His wings.
Enter the fearful Presence of His Glory.
Bask in the Holiness of His secret things.

Deeper, I must find the ancient way.
Higher, I must lean on His strength some how.
There’s so much more that awaits every day
Than what I am living right now.

I know there is a road that goes to something new
Lovingly My Lord bids me to come.
There’s obstacles along the way that block my view.
So, to the altar of sacrifice I must run.

Deeper, each time I go back to the cleansing altar.
Higher, the roadway to His heart becomes more clear.
He removes the sins and hurts that cause me to falter.
He fills me with great hope and joyful cheer.

So, I press on seeking His Presence.
I keep my eyes fixed on Him alone.
Day by day I let down my defense.
Soon, I will see the King on His glorious throne.

Deeper, but not yet in death taken out of this world.
Higher. I just know I can enter His Presence here and now.
Jesus paved the way to the Father with His blood.
His disciples follow Him with heads bowed down.

Intensity of love. His fragrance and His touch
Deeper, higher is my, our, heritage.
It’s a place where we become for Him a flaming torch
And enter the glories of His Heaven’s edge.

You have My Heart


My covenant with you is for all eternity.
You are Mine and I am yours.
My very life’s blood gives you all certainty
That you have My heart; it’s you I adore.

It’s deep, wide, broad and high unfailing love.
My promise to you is forever and ever.
You will always be My dearest one.
I will never leave you or forsake you; never.

Gloriously, generously, overwhelmingly, I love you.
My eyes are upon you. You are lovely, so fair.
You are blessed and drenched with My heavenly dew.
You are sheltered by My Presence. I intensley care.

Wrapped, covered, hidden inside My heart.
Tenderly I speak over you mercy and kindness.
No matter what, from you I will not part.
To you I give joy and peace in gentleness.

You have My heart. My love never fades.
You have My heart, forever and always.

Copyrighted 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All rights reserved

Him, Him and HIM!

Sunny! Bright! Glorious day today.
Cool breeze across my shoulders.
Ice tea. Umbrella. Padded chairs.
God’s peaceful presence takes me away.

Heart soaring. Flying! Happy! At rest.
Sense of love wraps ’round me.
Warmth. Security. Holiness.
My time with Father God is the best.

Leaning on Him. Learning to trust.
Flowers dance with the wind.
To know Him more. Reading His word.
Such joy overwhelms; ready to bust!

Trees, palms and cypress both, move in gentle waves.
It’s a treasured time
As He speaks to my heart
And I watch flowers and trees give Him praise.

Can’t help but join in.
I’m caught up in His glory.
Singing songs of total adoration,
Until there is only Him, Him and HIM!

Copyright Cheryl S Birch
All Rights Reserved

The Bride – an encouraging dream

Darkness, save for a bit of Light at the end of a long hall.
I wondered where I was, then crept along the wall.
Closer to the Light, I could see it came from under a door;
Heavy wooden door with an ancient latch of yore.

Standing there I wondered if I should enter in.
The Light got brighter suddenly. It called me out of the dim.
My hand reached out and felt the rough metal of the old old latch.
I held my breath and slowly opened it just a notch.

Peeking in, I beheld a most unusual sight.
In fact, at first, it gave me quite a fright.
Lying on a plain old wooden bench was A body like a mummy.
Nothing else was in the room except a window sunny.

Rays of Light bathed the one lying on the bench,
Wrapped head to toe in fine white linen arms folded in a clench.
Around the neck a scarlett ribbon adorned with a cross.
The sight was so unusual, I simply felt lost.

An arm moved before my eyes, the other also unfolded.
The door opened wide on its own. The room became Golden.
The body sat up, still wrapped and face covered.
Then legs swung ’round, it stood up, over me it hovered.

I looked up at the head and fixated on the cross.
It walked toward me. I was frozen. Totally at a loss.
Black out. Couldn’t grasp what I saw. Fighting panic, bit my lip.
Heard a voice: “The Bride of Christ awakened. She just stood up!”

Transported, I know not where, to a silvery white room.
There I watched many angels prepare the Bride for her Groom.
She sat upon a golden chair still wrapped as the dead.
Carefully the attendants removed the covering from her head.

A glorious face emerged. Eyes that glowed with love.
But, her hair was mess, so they sent for the Dove.
He attended with many angels to her tangled hair,
Carefully combing it out, finding every snare.

As they worked, the Bride began to smile.
Radiant glory beamed from her all the while.
Her head, neck and shoulders were fully revealed.
Many angels sang and around her they kneeled.

To my right, just behind, stood a Man I could not see.
He said, “I am preparing My leaders. I’m setting them FREE!”
Then He took my arm and guided me to another room.
It was gold brocade and tufted white, everything a’bloom.

A beautiful fragrance greeted us there;
Lovely fabrics and trimmings were scatter everywhere.
Dozens of artisans were making jewelry and veils.
Some seemed in a hurry, others moved like snails.

“Here is where the Bride’s vestments have been prepared since days of old.”
Said the Man whose voice bared my very soul.
I wept as I stood in this Holy place of honor.
It was hard to understand how I could even be in the corner.

Yet, He took me into the center of this room divine.
“Look around, my Love, there’s not much time.
The garments are nearly finished; the Bride has awakened.
It’s important that you ready yourself for ALL will be shaken.”

Love washed over me and there I got many new garments.
Attendants rushed toward me and gave me beauty treatments.
Before I left the wonders of that amazing place,
My Guide handed me gorgeous shoes of peace.

“Go tell them not to be anxious and always full of stress.
Go tell them through it all,” He said. “I will give them rest.
What is happening right now is the beautifying of My Bride.
Tell them not to fear, they are My joy and My pride.”

I awoke from this dream holding tight the shoes of peace.
And, I received faith that cannot be shaken or replaced.
No matter what you see or hear going on in our world
Hold on, dear ones, you are His Bride, your prayers have been heard!

Copyright 2012 Cheryl S Birch
All right reserved

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