Cheryl Birch

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Young Lions

Inspired Poem
Rev Cheryl Birch

Watch and see what I will do
in your cities and towns round about
The young ones are coming to Me with great joy and a shout.
A roar is inside them it must come out.
They won’t think twice. They won’t doubt.
They’ll dive into the River
And embrace the Giver,
The Giver of life
Who will end their strife.
A dance is in their feet and their lips will speak forth with zeal
Upon their foreheads is My seal!

So, take to the highways find the young lions
Lead them to Me. Take them up Mt. Zion.
I’ll teach them to roar out My truth with love
And to fly high in great peace on the wings of the Dove.
They’ll hit the streets with Passion and Power
This is the year! This is the hour!
So, fear not My maidens! Fear not My mighty men!
Go gather the young lions as chicks to a hen.
They are waiting for you to show them the way
Go tell them this is their DAY!
A Day of Salvation and meaningful Life.
A Day of freedom forever from strife
Don’t be surprised by their gruff manner
Their hearts will burst open as if hit by a hammer.
The hurt and the pain and buckets of shame
Will pour forth in great floods
Washed away by My blood.

Be brave My children as you go out to find them
I’ve made the way easy for you to please me.
Just Go and I’ll give the words to you.
Just Go and see what I will do.


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