Cheryl Birch

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Let GO!

Another conversation with Father God…

Let Go!
NO! I can’t do that, Lord.
Let GO!
No. That can’t be Your Word!

Listen to Me, Child. It’s blocking your way.
NOPE! It stays. Its always been with me.
Let go, Child. Heed what I say.
Uh,uh. No. My God would not take it from me.

Smile shining out of heaven: Child, it’s an idol.
Huh? Me? Idolatry? Never ever!
Then, let go. I told you, it’s blocking your call.
To bless you, sinful idolatry must be severed.

CAN’T DO THAT. CAN’T LET GO. Oh, oh. This can’t be.
If I can’t let go, it’s become a crutch.
I depend on it. Is that idolatry?
Yes, Child. It’s something you won’t let Me touch.

It’s hard to even think about it being gone.
I know, Child, but it’s hurting you.
I’m sick of heart. My body’s failing. I’m afraid. There is no calm.
Let go. Peace and healing will immediately ensue.

That’s enough, just let go?
Yes, Child. Give it all to Me.
Let it all go?
Yes. Everything. Even your family.

Tears. Lots of tears.
Let them go. Don’t try to be “god” to your kin.
You’ve been holding on too tight out of many fears.
Trust Me, your Heavenly Father, to take care of them.

Even this I thought was true? I must stand on my own two feet.
God only helps those who work really hard for Him.
Let go, love and trust Me is all you really need.
You working hard to please Me won’t protect them or get rid of sin.

Let go of the thought you have to work for My love.
I help all those whose hearts are turned toward Me.
Let Me replace that “works idol” with Grace from above.
Freedom comes to my humble children. Ones on bended knee.

I get it! I let go, Lord! No more idolatry!
I repent. Forgive me. Take it all.
Give me Your heart and new eyes to see.
Put me on the path to my highest call.

I forgive you, Child, Now you have My BEST!
As you call upon Me, there’s JOY, but worry none.
You have entered into the place of My Holy Rest.
Trusting in Me relieves the load and even makes life fun.

Why did I hang on to my prideful ways so long?
From now on, I will listen to what you have to say.
Now, I have such gladness and lift my voice in song.
I LOVE YOU, LORD! Thank you for showing me Your WAY.

Victory, sweet Victory, I sing over you.
And, by the way, Child, I really love you too!


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